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The Gaily’s mission is to provide fresh, exciting and provocative content that mirrors changes in Canada’s new generation of queer culture. We want to entertain you, but we want to build and contribute to a community of free and radical thinkers who care at once where the next party is at, and at the same time about the issues affecting our community(ies) here at home and around the world. We seek to combine interesting editorials with all of the event details for urban homo hopping. That includes event listings, food and music reviews, as well as introducing you to the coolest, most interesting, most fabulous people and projects we can find.


We are transplanted anglo-Montreal urbanites that are helluva in love with our city, and with the homos that keep it moving, inspired, and beautiful.

What was once a drunken Sunday conversation over an $8 bottle of wine on a mexican blanket in the middle of parc Mont Royal is now a reality. Long nights, more wine, several weeks and two pissed-off partners later The Gaily was born. It is the brain child of two geeks – a left brain and a right brain, a technigay and a wordsmith, one boy and one girl – who found each other at the right moment, and for the right purpose.

We all have dreams; some dreams come to fruition, some are added to bucket lists, and some – a rare percentage – with some serendipity, are realized. This realization happens when timing, hard work, creativity, and inspiration collide as it did for us. This dream, this website, is one we invite you to join in with us, to build community, to share ideas, and to change the world.

Part of our dream was to create a new online space for Canadian queers, allies, artists, thinkers, and writers to get together to discuss and rethink sexuality and queer culture in a constructive and positive way, to tear down some of our own stereotypes, to be sex-positive, trans-positive, women-positive, and queer-positive and to steer clear of celebrity ragging, people-bashing, transphobia,  misogyny, and the simplistic, confining, and often violent language that we see around the internet on a daily basis. We want you to live freer, healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives while having a lot of fun at the same time. (There we go sounding like Oprah again.)

Another part of this dream was to create similar spaces offline, to bring our community together in the same spirit we do online, and to construct and live out what queer, GAY, or homogay means to us and not by the definitions that confine us. Recently we rode some f*cking bikes, and we connected with readers and supporters at our website launch. In September 2011 we created and launched Guerrilla Queer Bar Montreal as part of our “offline” mission.

We soon had tons of volunteers and collaborators and spent 2011 and 2012 developing our vision, voice and concept. In the spring of 2012, we began to re-evaluate how this fit in with our lives, and how we could make this project reflect our lives, passions, and friends better and began to pursue the concept you see now on

Photo by Robert Smith


Erika, co-founder and executive editor of The Gaily, is a cowgirl at heart, born in Edmonton Alberta and raised on a small farm in the Kootenays of British Columbia. She flew the coop young and has been city-skipping ever since, resting in cities ranging from Toronto, Lyon, and Boston for a few years at a time before making her most recent stop in Montreal where she lives with her girlfriend Rachelle and their cat Boo.

After most recently graduating from Harvard, with two degrees in religion, she began working in the non-profit sector in Montreal. She loves being at the center of organizing in Montreal’s gay community often to point of over-committing! She is currently the Fundraising Coordinator at AIDS Community Care Montreal, and holds the position of President with the Canadian Association of Education and Outreach. She most recently blogged for Girls’ Action Foundation’s and, and is the organizer of Queer Sparks Speak. She is published in such “notable” publications as the Southern Alberta Magazine among other small academic pieces and freelance work.

She is a passionate activist for animals and women, a fierce curry-maker, scotch-drinker, and kitten-cuddler. You can follow her on twitter @DearSimone or email her at erika [at] the gaily [dot] ca.


Born in Newfoundland and raised in a rural fishing community in northern Quebec, Ty has a thing for seafood, celtic music, dancing inappropriately and playing the bagpipes.

Ty, co-founder and technical director of The Gaily, has been living in Montreal since 2000 and attended John Abbott College where he completed a professional diploma in Graphic/Web Design. He is currently finishing a BA at Concordia University in Urban Studies with a concentration in Management Information Systems. In recent years he has been working full time as an I.T. professional and managing several freelance contracts in social media and web.

He is largely focused on music, web development, hanging with his funny (‘til your belly hurts!) boyfriend Evan and taking care of his post-op tranny kitty George-ia. You can follow him on twitter @tysmith82 or email him at ty [at] thegaily [dot] ca. (*sings, “Call Tyrone“)