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May 22, 2012

6 movies on netflix that pertain to your homogay interests in lady parts

homogay movies

There are days which, for various reasons (some alcohol induced), I like to do nothing but watch movies all day. I particularly like watching movies that pertain to my interests: ie. the gay agenda. You know who else obvy has a gay agenda? Netflix.

Netflix lists Gay & Lesbian as one of their twenty genres which is a good enough reason to get Netflix I would say. Now, in the interest of research I have spent some recent Saturdays watching said Gay & Lesbian films, so I could tell you about them. Last weekend I watched 5  Gay & Lesbian films back to back. Research. For you.

Now, there are the obvious picks like Milk and Philidelphia that you totes should see if you haven’t but there are some lesser known films of complete inferior quality, campiness, and bad acting that are also important to making you feel good/weird about your homogayness.

1. Heather Graham is Gay for Pay in Gray Matters

I don’t remember ever hearing about this movie when it came out in 2006. If this was a story about just straight people I would probably not rate it very highly, but there is something warm and gooey and also totally and completely true about it. That feeling of a mad and inappropriate crush on your best friend/brother’s girlfriend that you just don’t understand until your homogay awakening and then it is frustrating because you don’t know how to be a homogay or where to find homogays and on and on. I like that they deal with the “ohhhhhhhhhhh I get it” moment. Also hot Rachel Shelley from the L word (which, by the way you can also watch on Netflix) is in it, playing the hot power lesbian that she is.

2. Bisexuality is in in Bi The Way

WTF is bisexuality? Why is everyone doing it? Are we becoming more fluid culturally? Did the O.C make us more bisexual? Are we all actually just bisexual? I kinda like this movie because it doesn’t just ask questions about bisexuality, but really says WTF sexuality? What does it all mean??? It complicates and complexifies the already complicated and complex nature of sexuality.

3. Finn’s Girl pertains to your interest in lesbians, Canada, abortion activism and parenting. Oh and, um, apparently the total disregard for science. Science schmience.

Finn is an abortion provider and is parenting a rebellious teen after the death of her partner. Their daughter calls her things like Dad or at times refuses to acknowledge her parental wisdom because she is not her birth mother.  This speaks to many of our concerns about how to navigate parenting issues, etc, etc except, somehow (SPOILER ALERT!!!) we find out that actually the two moms are both the moms and the dads, or really just the moms, because actually they didn’t have sperm and they just used two eggs. WILL SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS TO ME AND TELL ME WHERE TO GET IT DONE??? I don’t think it is a thing, but that makes this otherwise realistic movie kinda fucked up.

4. Made for TV 19th Century Lesbionage in Fingersmith

Sense and Sensibility leave your homogayness longing for more? Fingersmith combines british accents, intrigue, deceit, wealth, and 19th century wardrobes with hot lady loving.

5. Kissing Jessica Stein or Hey, Remember when people actually used personal ads in newspapers to find dates and explore their homogay desires? What is a newspaper?

Was this really only from 2001 because the floral sun dresses and matte lipsticks are screaming Rietman’s circa 1996? I digress. Kissing Jessica Stein. The thing I can say is that I do like movies that portray the experiences of women exploring their sexuality, the beginnings, the confusing and tumultuous times of fear, and tears, and anxiety about people finding out you are fingerblasting your BFF. It is rough and sometimes you think you are a lesbian but you don’t know and then you do and then you don’t again and then you go back to your boyfriend. Right.

6. In High Art lesbians don’t wear bras and do lots of drugs

So I will admit it, I didn’t know who Lisa Cholodenko was until the hoopla around The Kids Are Alright. But she is a lesbian and has now made two of the biggest staple lesbian movies of two different generations. Apparently High Art was a big deal in the 90s and doesn’t make any of the hetero mainstream concessions that The Kids did. There is lots of lesbionage, drugs, and people talking about photography really philosophically. If that is your thing.

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  1. cooledskin

    Fingersmith. On my list.

    • Nikki

      If you’re into movies from this era, you should check out Tipping the velvet. Except I don’t know if it’s on Netflix so you might have to leave your house for this one.

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