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September 14, 2011

Cher Calls into Ellen to Defend Chaz, Says F*cking [Video]

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Written by: Erika
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Chaz Bono, recent media darling/controversial figure, child of Cher, and the first trans “star” on Dancing With The Stars, continued his media rounds today, stopping by Ellen to talk about the boycotts and outcry regarding his participation on the dancing competition show.

We wrote last week about the family values cheerleaders over at Fox News and their warning to not allow children to watch DWTS while Bono remains on the show, saying that this celebration of gender dysphoria is toxic for children and their developing gender identities. I called their BS.

Cher surprised Chaz by calling into the show, and had some choice words for all the transphobes out there that have so much time on their hands. Oh, she also says f*cking.

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One Comment

  1. Jay

    I did not see anything wrong with Chaz being on the show. If no one told those children watching any differently, i do not see how they’d of even known Chaz had been a woman. Chaz is a very sweet, kind individual, and it shows on his face. Who gives a flying fig about anything else? And Bruno, don’t even get me started on that A-HOLE…he was prejudice, i believe, & always calling him names, Chaz was right, an overweight man on the show gets jeered & the heavy women, nothing. I imagine Cher is mad & i don’t blame her one bit. I’d be defensive too. I think that Bruno owes Chaz an apology, but seeing as it wouldn’t come from the heart, i guess it wouldn’t matter anyhow. You go Chaz…you have so many of us who love & support you.

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