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September 19, 2011

NEW! GQB Montreal Swaaaag. (We Have Bills. Help Us Pay Them.)

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Written by: Erika
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gqb montreal tshirt

Montreal’s VERY FIRST EVER Guerrilla Queer Bar is happening this Thursday, and Montreal is getting very excited about it. Your guerrilla sergeants are also very busy preparing for the biggest homo takeover this country has ever seen!!!! We have nearly 100 people “attending” on Facebook, and we all know that means they will all show up right?

The upcoming takeover event has been covered in such “non-homosexual” media as The Montreal Mirror and The Montreal Gazette, as well as “non-heterosexual” mags like 2B and Etre. You can also catch Ty and Erika on the CKUT radio show QueerCorps tonight at 6:30 where they will be announcing how you can WIN SOME SWAAAAG. (And, YES. It actually has been described as a non-heterosexual event. ?!?)

But, we gots bills to pay! So we made these amazing t-shirts that you can buy to help support our venture – because we need it! All money raised by GQB helps us pay for our website, graphic design, and other operational costs. (Note, that monies raised at Charity events will go completely to local LGBTQ charities or orgs.)

We think our sergeant “Cher” is pretty much the best thing ever, and we had a FANTASTIC illustrator help us create her. We’d love to pay that illustrator too! So help pay for “Cher” by buying our awesome locally-printed t-shirts from The Merch Store! More fun swaag coming soon.


Guerrilla Queer Bar Montreal presents this fun gender-bendy twist on the ever-popular and political ‘Che’ t-shirt.

Are you attending a GQB event in Montreal and want to be easily identified? Or maybe you just want to sport this fun politico-sexual message in your own hometown or to a different local GQB event? Get your GQB t-shirt now from The Gaily Merch Store and support the activities of GQB Montreal with your purchase.


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