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April 27, 2011

“The Voice” premieres, two lesbos rock the stage!


“The Voice”, slated to be some hot competition for American Idol, premiered last night, and unlike Idol, there didn’t seem to be any hesitancy about letting contestants come out in their very first introduction to the public. Also, both were freaking awesome, and both wowed the judges.

The premise of the show is that the judges – Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and Christina Aguilera – judge the contestants purely on their voices, since they have their backs turned during the first audition. If more than one judge turns around during the audition, the contestant than must choose who they want as a coach for the remaining shows.

Enter super cute 26 year-old out-lesbian skinny-jean, t-shirt and vest-clad Vicci Martinez singing a raspy version of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep.

After, she calls Christina the “goddess of all goddesses” in this cute little way, but then picks Cee Lo, because he talked about her heart or something. Anyways, this is how cute she is:

The Voice contestant Vicci Martinez

Did I mention how cute?

Also, Vicci Martinez already has like multiple albums out and a cool website, so you can check her out here.

BUT THAT IS NOT ALL! There was MORE lesbionage!

Next up, meet Beverly McClellan, our 40-something tatted-up, bald rocker who says things like “balls to the wall” and “I’ve always been against the man”, showed up with her girlfriend to the audition. Beverly rocked out to,… wait for it… “Piece of my Heart”. She had all the personality and stage presence that Idol contestants lack, and had this cute little woooooooooo in the song that I just loved.


There were real gems in her interview, such as this:

Carson: Someone turns their chair around after they hear you sing, do you think they will be surprised?

Beverly: I hope so! I have created this unique look for 41 years. My momma wasn’t too happy with it, but I live this daily. I have throughout many years, played many venues, and changed a lot of peoples minds… they’re just like, darlin, we don’t care what you look like. I pray that the coaches just hit that button, I wanna see them all turn around and look at this bald beautiful right here.

Awesome right?

Adam and Christina had to duke it out to get Beverly on their team, with Adam saying, “I absolutely HAVE to work with you!” Blake said she “scared the crap out of [me]” which is why he didn’t hit his button. Umm.. ok. But guess, what? She picked Christina!

Back in the holding room, Beverly says to her girlfriend, “Christina kissed me baby!”


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