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Hey fellow Gaynadians, did you hear that today is election day?

Posted May 2, 2011 by Erika

Dear fellow Gaynadians, Today is election day and I really, really would like you to vote, so I am writing this thing to help you make a decision and give you more information just incase you forgot/don’t care. This might possibly be the most exciting Canadian election I have ever really witnessed. I have been […]

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Lesbians in Tehran, Jack Layton Remembered, Bisexual Men Exist

Posted August 23, 2011 by Erika

“Circumstance” Coming to a Gay & Lesbian Film Festival Near You Iran fascinates me, especially in terms of the underground life there, so I am particularly looking forward to the new film “Circumstance” which opens in LA and NY this Friday about two lesbian girls, and their illicit underground life in Tehran. “…Shireen, whose friendship […]

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Canadian Lesbian Couple Not Considered Family at US Customs, or, DOMA Blows

Posted September 7, 2011 by Dallas

 So I am flipping through Xtra West Magazine, and a familiar face draws me into an article entitled “Canadian border guard tells lesbian couple to fill out separate forms.” The familiar face is that of my Women’s Studies classmate from my university days in Vancouver, Andrina Perry. Apparently she and her wife of three years […]

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TGB july 26
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Boob Jobs, Yodelling Twins, Canadian Lutherans Are Cool…

Posted July 26, 2011 by Nikki

The week is off to a good start so far; no-one famous has OD’d (yet) and the number of legally married same-sex couples has been multiplying exponentially. If a diamond detector was a thing and you could pass it over the state of New York, it would suffer an incessant chain of violent seizures, what with […]

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tgb aug 2
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Life “Without Men”, Youth Centre For Montreal, and Lesbians Want To Go To Prom

Posted August 2, 2011 by Nikki

As Summer has officially begun it’s descent into the world down below, my optimism has about as much cheer as a grave.

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OPEN THREAD: Dear Jack,…

Posted August 22, 2011 by Erika

Dear Jack, On May 2nd 2011, many of us at The Gaily gathered around a small tv, in a small apartment, with fuzzy reception, listening to the familiar voices and the familiar faces of the CBC, as the orange wave overtook this province where many of us live as foreigners to the political system, where […]

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Fox News: Delusional and Psychotic Chaz Bono on DWTS is ‘Toxic’ for Kids

Posted September 8, 2011 by Erika

Recently, we reported that Chaz Bono would be appearing on this season’s Dancing With The Stars. Since then, the moral majority family values nutjobs have unleashed their transphobic fury denouncing his selection, and are using the opportunity to decry our collective celebration of gender dysphoria. In typical family values fashion, dissenters are concerned about vulnerable […]

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lesbian weddings
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Chely Wright Weds, No Dress For Lesbian, A Senseless Hate-Crime, and Michael’s Single.

Posted August 24, 2011 by Dallas

What a week. My heart still aches for the loss of the Jack Layton. He was and still is one of my all time heroes. His leadership and drive was something that will always inspire me. After hearing his final letter written days before his death, he reminded me of another hero of mine, Harvey […]

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