tgb aug 10
Gaily Beat

Obama Love, Korea’s L-Word, HIV Manhunt, Glee 3-D, Jeff’s a Jailbird.

Posted August 10, 2011 by Dallas

What have I learned this week? Well, apparently there is going to be a massive recession, similar to 2008. I am a writer who volunteers her life away, therefore I am poor. Recession, shemession, makes no difference to the lower class. I have also learned that I miss Jack Layton, I love my girlfriend, and […]

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Canadian Lesbian Couple Not Considered Family at US Customs, or, DOMA Blows

Posted September 7, 2011 by Dallas

 So I am flipping through Xtra West Magazine, and a familiar face draws me into an article entitled “Canadian border guard tells lesbian couple to fill out separate forms.” The familiar face is that of my Women’s Studies classmate from my university days in Vancouver, Andrina Perry. Apparently she and her wife of three years […]

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Gaily Beat

Kim Kardashian 72-Day Marriage Over! Why We Care

Posted November 1, 2011 by Dallas

Like a page ripped out of the Britney Spears nuptial saga, Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce from her husband of 72 days, NBA player Kris Humphries. This is the second speedy wedding for Kardashian and the first for Humphries. While citing ‘irreconcilable differences’ on the divorce papers. ‘friends’ of Kardashian state that Humphries was […]

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gb aug 17
Gaily Beat

Cuba Celebrates, McGowan’s Queens, Charlotte Protests, Carolla Apologizes

Posted August 17, 2011 by Dallas

I usually start my weekly Gaily Beats with something I have learned this week. Well, this week I have learned nothing. Planning a Pride Festival literally takes away any sense of higher learning from my over-stuffed brain. Pride itself is important, so important, and so much fun the day of. To plan a festival .. […]

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tgb aug 3
Gaily Beat

Rosie’s Show, Angelina Honoured, No Scrubs for T.R., SamRo Busted

Posted August 3, 2011 by Dallas

What have I learned this week? Well sunscreen does make a difference, especially for this white chick,  Pride celebrations are like a gay Christmas, and I am completely addicted to Caramel Mocha Frappuccino’s from Starbucks. In other news….

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Gaily Beat

The Military Celebrates, Cyber-bullied Gay Teen Commits Suicide

Posted September 21, 2011 by Dallas

I have to be honest. I began this Gaily Beat post as a tribute to all those in the American military that can now be who they are while fighting for the rights of others. It was a great post, but than I came across a Facebook feed telling me that another boy killed himself […]

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gb aug 18
Gaily Beat

Gaily Beat CNN Edition: O’Donnell Walks Off, Anderson Gigglefest, Pope Protested…

Posted August 18, 2011 by Erika

What with their celebrity hosts, high profile guests and extensive reach, there is always bound to be some fun drama and silly videos over at CNN. Today there happened to be enough that we could do an entire Gaily Beat based on the drama, ha has and news from yesterday. (Editor’s Note: My apologies that […]

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TGB july 26
Calgary & Southern Alberta

Boob Jobs, Yodelling Twins, Canadian Lutherans Are Cool…

Posted July 26, 2011 by Nikki

The week is off to a good start so far; no-one famous has OD’d (yet) and the number of legally married same-sex couples has been multiplying exponentially. If a diamond detector was a thing and you could pass it over the state of New York, it would suffer an incessant chain of violent seizures, what with […]

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