My Big Fat Straight Marriage

Posted July 1, 2012 by Kristi

A Note to all the RCMP detectives who frequent The Gaily on a daily basis; this story is not about me. I am straight, uncool and have only been to Montreal once. For Space Camp when I was 12. I remember hearing, prior to the passing of Bill C-38 in July 2005 and federal legislation […]

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Gender + Sexuality

Guelph Is So Gay! A Lesbian Coming-of-Age Story

Posted February 7, 2012 by Nikki

Every morning when I wake up… okay I go back to sleep. But when I do wake up (for the 6th time) I thank god I am gay. I never thought this day would come because for as long as I can remember, my sexuality was always something that bothered me. I wished I were […]

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masturbation feature
Sex + Love

M is for Masturbation: Kristi talks plugs, sleeves and dildos

Posted May 16, 2012 by Kristi

May is National Masturbation month (hooray!); and while not required, sex toys are a great way to enhance your masturbation! And since it’s the trendy thing to write about this May (jezebel!) I’m going to write about selecting your first sex toy. Buying a sex toy, especially for the first time, can be a difficult […]

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Ask Kristi

Ask Kristi: “A Lonely Intellectual”

Posted June 17, 2011 by Kristi

Dear Kristi, I am a PhD student at UBC and have been an academic and intellectual my whole life. Recently I met a guy at a bar that I was super attracted to, and we ended up hooking up. The next day I found out that he is a mail man. I don’t think of […]

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Sex + Love

What Is This Love? Part 6 – “one, two, threesome…”

Posted October 19, 2011 by Kyle

A part of me cringed when I heard his voice say, “Come on!” Is this really happening? Screw you, Pablo! I yelled in my head, then subsequently realized that this actually was my chance to literally screw him. I turned around and entered the room. The air was thick (as were other things in the […]

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He Gave Me A Letter. And The Clap.

Posted July 25, 2011 by Elie

It couldn’t have been any sweeter. A spring fling for the books. Afternoons in the park and drunken walks across the city. Kind, intimate moments hidden under the covers, the ones you see in photos and whisper I want that to yourself. Nights spent dancing to shitty house music, reveling in each others company, shamelessly […]

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friends with benefits

Friends With Benefits: Notes On Modern Queer Relationships

Posted September 15, 2011 by Elie

When it comes to relationships, we all have our horror stories. By the age of 25, having waded through the often treacherous waters of queer romance, many of us are left with enough battle scars to last a lifetime. Yes, love can indeed be a battlefield, but the same could be said of friendships. Queer […]

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Ask Kristi

Meet Kristi: She knows gay people

Posted May 13, 2011 by Kristi

Hi GLBTQ people! I’m a straight, white 25-year-old girl and I’m here to give you advice on how to unlock your inner FABULOUS and talk about that abnormal place you like to put your junk (ie – bottoms!) and how to get it there. Because I KNOW gay people! Worst. Intro. Ever. Ok, so the […]

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