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Ask Kristi Anything: “A Penis-Confused Lesbo”

Posted June 11, 2011 by Kristi

Dear Kristi, My girlfriend and I have pretty good girl-on-girl sex but I have been shy about introducing toys. Recently she brought up using strap-ons and dildos but I feel so awkward about the whole thing. I am worried that she wants to have sex with a guy and that is why she wants a […]

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Gender + Sexuality

Guelph Is So Gay! A Lesbian Coming-of-Age Story

Posted February 7, 2012 by Nikki

Every morning when I wake up… okay I go back to sleep. But when I do wake up (for the 6th time) I thank god I am gay. I never thought this day would come because for as long as I can remember, my sexuality was always something that bothered me. I wished I were […]

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Meet Kristi: She knows gay people

Posted May 13, 2011 by Kristi

Hi GLBTQ people! I’m a straight, white 25-year-old girl and I’m here to give you advice on how to unlock your inner FABULOUS and talk about that abnormal place you like to put your junk (ie – bottoms!) and how to get it there. Because I KNOW gay people! Worst. Intro. Ever. Ok, so the […]

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what is this love
Sex + Love

What is this Love? Part 5 “Pablo Nerudic”

Posted September 22, 2011 by Kyle

Read the last instalment of What is this Love? Part 4 here. “Who the fuck are you?!”, Pablo’s screeched, in a surprisingly fruity tone. For his build and size, I just well, expected him to be a little more butch. Pablo’s entrance woke up Ricky, who, after hacking up a lung, came to my defence. […]

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Sex + Love

What Is This Love? Part 6 – “one, two, threesome…”

Posted October 19, 2011 by Kyle

A part of me cringed when I heard his voice say, “Come on!” Is this really happening? Screw you, Pablo! I yelled in my head, then subsequently realized that this actually was my chance to literally screw him. I turned around and entered the room. The air was thick (as were other things in the […]

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Ask Kristi: “A Lonely Intellectual”

Posted June 17, 2011 by Kristi

Dear Kristi, I am a PhD student at UBC and have been an academic and intellectual my whole life. Recently I met a guy at a bar that I was super attracted to, and we ended up hooking up. The next day I found out that he is a mail man. I don’t think of […]

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what is this love part 2
Sex + Love

What is this Love? Part 2 “Soaked”

Posted August 1, 2011 by Kyle

Ouch. Ouch! Ok. I’m done. No more. James was my fuck buddy from a few years back. I was pretty pissed about the whole “Pablo” thing that I needed to take my mind off things. James was things, I guess. “What’s wrong?”, he asked in a what the fuck is wrong with you kinda way. […]

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My Big Fat Straight Marriage

Posted July 1, 2012 by Kristi

A Note to all the RCMP detectives who frequent The Gaily on a daily basis; this story is not about me. I am straight, uncool and have only been to Montreal once. For Space Camp when I was 12. I remember hearing, prior to the passing of Bill C-38 in July 2005 and federal legislation […]

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