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What Is Pinterest Anywayz? A Beginner’s Guide

Posted March 5, 2012 by Ty

So WTF? OK, so we’ve all seen Pinterest explode across the interwebz and I am sure you’ve been asking yourself What the fuck is Pinterest anywayz? I have to admit I really didn’t want to entertain the idea of having yet another social media platform to manage but lo and behold, I joined Pinterest. I […]

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Cyberbullying: The What-Do-We-Do-Now? Post +

Posted October 31, 2011 by Jai

It’s a sad but predictable phenomena First, a youth (or a series of)  commits suicide as a result of homophobic bullying and/or, increasingly, cyberbullying.  Second comes the coverage of the event in the media, and any follow-up coverage with pertinent pieces of info the public might want to know (usually pertaining to the victim, their […]

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When The Internet Is Awesome And Builds Queer Armies + We Love You Tanner #spiritday

Posted October 20, 2011 by Erika

Remember when we were super sad and depressed about bullies and suicides and how the whole world fucking sucks ass and nobody cares?!? aka. 5 minutes ago? That was before my mind was blown. By love and unicorns and love and so many queer awesome people who are awesome! This is a true #SpiritDay Story: […]

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On Spirit Day 2011, Jamie Hubley’s Death at Forefront

Posted October 20, 2011 by Dallas

There really is not much to say about another teen suicide. It is sad, it is frustrating, it is wrong. The finality is brutal. There has been a public outpouring of grief for Jamie Hubley, who took his own life last week. There has also been a public rage; are we at a point now […]

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So, what is Google+? A PSA from your Technigay

Posted July 13, 2011 by Ty

So you have probably already heard the news, and you want to be invited to Google+ (see how at the bottom! we have invites!). Even if you haven’t heard the buzz on the interwebz, there’s a new sheriff in town goin by the name Google+. It would only seem natural for Google to finally release […]

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Google releases “It Gets Better” ad during Glee ft. Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert

Posted May 4, 2011 by Erika

During last night’s Glee, Google Chrome released their much anticipated “It Gets Better” ad featuring the “It Gets Better” project. It got me thinking. The difference between this video and others is that Google’s video really was an advertisement. I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure no one else has done that before. It […]

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