HEY! Guess what? We are hiring WRITERS & CONTRIBUTORS & OTHERS with skillz!

To say that we are hiring would kind of be a lie. But only if you have expectations of being paid. If you are however masochistic, have no need to actually buy groceries, have a life, or pay rent, but are looking for endless love and gratitude from us, then you are the ideal candidate!

EVENTS PHOTOGRAPHER (2-3 hours per month)

The Gaily is looking for one or more event photographers to join our talented team! Maybe you are a professional, or a student, or maybe photography is a side hobby (that you are ideally REALLY good at). The ideal candidate or candidates would have some experience shooting in bars, at shows, etc, would feel comfortable attending events solo, are personable and would be able to act as representatives of The Gaily at events.

Perks? Working as part of a great team, getting published A LOT, getting press passes or free admission to events or places you are shooting and anything else we can throw your way. Also, people will hit on you if you have a camera. You know that is a thing, right? They may take off their clothes for you. srsly.

Interested? Email hi (AT) thegaily (DOT) ca to indicate your interest, a link to your work, and a little bit about yourself.


ENGLISH-FRENCH TRANSLATORS (2-3 hours per month)

We are really doing our bestest to be more bilingual. We were once only anglophone, but now we want to be more of everything to everyone. That is how you be a good Montrealer. So, we are looking for some English- French translators to help verify or translate short texts for events, or web pages. Our editorial content will continue to be published only in the language it is written, but from time to time, we need help with descriptions and such.

Interested? Email us PLEASE!!! hi (AT) thegaily (DOT) ca


Do you have experience blogging or writing? Do you know TONS about certain things because you did like five anthropology degrees on some rare and unknown tribe in a rare and unknown country but are now working at Tim Horton’s and are just dying for a way to say to mom and dad: “SEE! My degree is useful!”? Do you have a unique perspective and a passion for the gay community? Do you know that there is actually a debate about whether or not there should be only one or two (WRONG) spaces after a period? Do you get angry when people use semicolons incorrectly? We are looking for passionate, articulate, knowledgable writers who actually know how to write and have a well developed voice and perspective.

Not an anthropologist or microbiologist? That’s ok. Maybe you are a baker or knitter and know lots about those things. That is cool too. If you have something fascinating to say about knitting, then there is probably someone that wants to read it.

If I didn’t lose you at semi-colon, here’s is what you need to do. Email all of the following to: hi [at] thegaily [dot] ca

1. Resumé/CV (PDF or webpage – LinkedIn is fine)
2. Tell us what you know about. On which topics are you capable of writing and producing ORIGINAL content?
3. Two to three links to examples of your writing.
4. Pitch me a story idea.
5. Tell us what your favourite blog or website is and why. (Like where do you get your facts, newsy stuff, and opinions.)
6. Let us know your username after you have created a username and profile here.
7. Include a link or attachment to a picture of either a very cute kitten or any other adorable baby animal.


If you have other skillz and want to contribute to The Gaily and don’t see any corresponding job posting, we still want to hear from  you!!!! We have big ideas and want your help! Follow the steps above but instead of a story pitch, tell us how you can help and what you want to do! hi (AT) thegaily (DOT) ca