April 3, 2012


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Written by: Erika
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Homos like their furrr animals. It is a thing. Partially because they are a replacement for the genetic offspring we tend not to produce ourselves, and partially because we obsessively obsess over/share/create kitten memes. Memes, especially kitten ones are gay, let’s be clear. (This post is a good example of our obsession with kitten memes/lolcats.)

At The Gaily headquarters, the kitties rule the roost. Boo (Erika’s silver tabby) and George-ia (Ty’s orange tabby) are the bosses. And because they are our furrr children, we like to give them the very best. (I am not going to lie, I have bought my cat eel sashimi before… ) Seeking out the very best led us to Brandy’s Holistic Centre and Canine Cafe about a year ago. We love it. Not only can we find special thanksgiving turkey meals for the kids, but we can grab an espresso en meme temps (oh, did we mention FREE wifi?!?), and the owners Christina and Franco our wonderfully helpful.

It took a little testing with samples, but after a few tries we found the right balance of the holistic food for Boo and he has never been healthier or happier. He is no longer over weight (photo below taken pre-weight loss) and – trust me – has VERY regular bowel movements. We also fell in love with the eco-friendly cedar FLUSHABLE cat litter. It is cost effective, lasts forever, and is safe for your cat and the environment. Did you know many regular cat litters contain carcinogens that are released in the air, and are harmful to you and your family, but especially your pet?

#TeamGaily's Furrr baby family

Since starting both of our pets on holistic foods, we have found that we are actually saving money because our foods do not contain nasty fillers so the kitties don’t need as much. As opposed to commercial foods, all the ingredients are human grade, so we don’t have to worry about feeding our pet crap that is not good for them like corn, soy and/or harmful by-products. Also, we have found LESS VET BILLS. Like us, our pets are healthier when they eat healthy food.

Also, because Brandy’s wants to make good food accessible, they DELIVER! (Anywhere on the island of Montreal, Laval, Brossard and Terrebonne.


Because we love them and what they do, we wanted to bring a little of the love to you!

So here’s the plan:

Upload a pic of your furrrr family to The Gaily’s Facebook page.

Get EVERYONE YOU KNOW to vote on your photo by liking it on Facebook. Brandy’s is offering up an amazing $30 goody basket for the winner’s favourite furry friend (Kitty or Doggie).

THE FURR FACE with the most likes wins!


Fine print! * Contest will run until April 16th at 5 PM! *Team Gaily members and contributors are not eligible

Please check out and LIKE Brandy’s page here

Shop Brandy’s Online Store here

Check out Brandy’s super awesome contest prize packs, happy VOTING!


Announcing our winner, Lisa Osler with her two lovely FURR BABIES.

WINNERS: Captain & Barry

Runner’s up:

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  1. Boo is such a fatty in that picture. Also, what is this no team gaily rule? BOO WANTS THAT PRIZE PACK!

  2. Diane

    Thanks for the laughs Erika.

  3. Rachelle

    Cute!! I Love Brandy’s and all the little fur people ;)

  4. Ty

    LOL.. little george-ia would also love it!

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