October 18, 2011

Occupy Montreal | Occupons Montréal (A Photo Essay)

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Written by: Rob
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On Saturday October 15th, thousands of cities around the world rose up in solidarity with the demonstrators from the Occupy Wall Street protests that began on September 17th 2011 in Manhattan’s financial district. At 9:30 am local time, demonstrators began to pour into Square Victoria, adjacent to Montreal’s financial district and minutes walk from the World Trade Center.  Demonstrators of all ages, ethnicities, political beliefs and professions came to participate in the occupation and show their support through the day, some with their families and some sporting masks. Though the messages on banners and t-shirts varied greatly, one thing that everyone had in common was a growing frustration with the corporate control of our democracy and the concentration of wealth in 1% of our population.

Below are a selection of my photos from Day 1 of the Occupy Montreal demonstration on October 15th. If you would like more information about Occupy Montreal, please check out the facebook page and website. For more photos and continued coverage please check out my Occupy Montreal Flickr set. Watch an interview with David Suzuki.

Demonstrators take a break in Square Victoria's tent city

Demonstrators take a break in Square Victoria's tent city.

Dancer at Tam-Tams

Occupation isn't always a serious affair. Here a young woman dances to the beat of drums and other instruments in the Occupation's version of Montreal's famous Tam-Tams.


A crowd dances to the beat of the drums during the Tam-Tams on the edge of the tent city.


What about happiness?


HOPE – Together it's possible.


Better world

There was a great feeling of hope in the air during my time at the demonstration. Here, two ladies display their hopeful messages as they talk to bystanders.

David Suzuki at Occupy Montreal

(Left) Canadian environmentalist and cultural icon David Suzuki was spotted visiting the demonstrations on Saturday to show his support. (Right) A man stands offering free hugs, but only to the 99%.

Place des Peuples is Square Victoria

After occupying Square Victoria, demonstrators declared its new name to be Place des Peuples.

March 2000 strong

Over 2000 people took to the streets on Saturday on a march across downtown Montreal.

Volunteers serve food

Volunteers serve food donated by individuals and groups to occupiers in their makeshift kitchen.

About the Author

Official Photographer of The Gaily, I'm also a Geography and Anthropology student @McGill, hailing originally from a small Labrador fishing village on the East Coast. I'm an avid mountain biker and enjoy all things outdoorsy, with a burning passion for photography.


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