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July 23, 2012

Curvy Fashionista: A Suit For This Badonka-donk!

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Written by: Erika

Team Gaily hit the lake this weekend in New York state – boy was it lovely. We sailed for two days on a catamaran in Lac Champlain just south of the border. We are all a little depressed to be back in the city. But our tans are amazing.

The only part of the experience that was less than ideal was my ill-fitting suit that I bought from Victoria Secret when I went to Mexico last Christmas. I bought like ten little triangle bikinis, which are great for tanning, but are utterly useless at containing my Hanna ass (I got it from my mama!) and triangle tops just don’t do for me what they did when I was 18. So, I opted most of the trip to not wear anything, but that is not always an option.

My birthday is coming up and we are going water sliding – the suits I own just won’t do. So I am headed down to Ontario street to get the hook up on some well made, lovely-fitting retro inspired suits to flatter my curves. Boutique Marina Vintage Style ( 1331 Ontario East) is a 1940 and 1950s inspired boutique and photography studio that caries a wide range of sizes, and all kinds of fun accessories to go with the outfits. This is where I go for all of my special event dresses. Like these:

Gorgeous red stretch knee length dress I wore to ARTSIDA at the Musee d’Art Contemporain. $170


Pink and Black/retro inspired/rock and roll/skullz knee length sleeveless dress. $68


They carry up to size 16 or 18 in many suits and dresses, and these outfits are MADE for ladies with curves, and for ladies that want them. Not only roomy, but flattering, and well made.

But I can’t decide – Please help me pick. Which should I get for my pool party?

Blue & Apples 2 pcs retro suit – $96


Polka Dots $96

Cherry swimsuit one piece – 96$

Polka Dots 2 pcs $96

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  1. Emma

    I like the last one! Polka-dots are timeless. The bottoms are super cute and look water-slide ready.

  2. chaoticGRRL

    The one piece Cherry Suit is Divine!!!!!

  3. Rachelle

    I love both polka dots!

  4. Kristy

    I like the one piece polka dots best. Second choice 2 piece cherries.

  5. Allen

    I personally love polka dots, but there’s something so incredibly sexy about the cherry one-piece!

  6. Amanda

    I LOVE the polka dot ones! They’re both really fun!

  7. Ty

    I like the cherries too!. Holy, maybe I need matching man panties. :)

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