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June 6, 2011

Evan’s Picks: Best Summer Wines from Cheap to Affordable

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Written by: Evan
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Let’s face it. Summer is the drinking season. Whether it’s enjoying beer and people watching on a terasse or a delicious minty mojito, our livers get a lot more exercise with the warm weather. Gone are the movie nights under blankets sipping tea. Let’s go drink sangria in the park! With this in mind here are some of my favourite wines that are best enjoyed outdoors with friends – in shorts.

Carrelot des Amants Côtes du Brulhois Rosé – $11.80 (SAQ)

Ok, so not too sure what the name means, but I translate it as French for delicious. Don’t be scared that it is a rosé. This is not that sickly sweet rosé that underage girls drink. Quite the opposite in fact. I love it because it is light and refreshing with only a touch of sweetness, but it still has some body that can’t be found in white wine. I recently enjoyed it at a resto in the village (Bring your own wine rock my world). It’s hard to find a wine that pairs well with Asian food but this wine is up to the task. Best part: it’s under $12 which means that I’ll be buying this wine all summer long.


Man Vintner’s Cabernet Sauvignon – $13.95 (SAQ)

If your looking for a wine to go well with your BBQ, pick up a bottle (or four) of this South African treat. It really tastes like summer in your mouth with red berry flavours and a nice lingering finish. While this cabernet is full of flavour, it can still be easily enjoyed as a drinking wine (my favourite kind).  Coming in at just under $14 it is by far one of the best value wines I’ve discovered so far. If ya see a bottle on your next trip to grownup candyland and you feel like splurging on something more than Fuzion definitely pick it up.


Kim Crawford Sauvingon Blanc – $19.95 (SAQ)

Light, refreshing, and simply put, heaven in your mouth on a hot summer afternoon. In fact any Sauv Blanc from New Zealand will not disappoint, but this one is really worth the money. To date, this is my favourite white wine of all time. The first sip will fill your mouth with intense flavours of citrus, peach and gooseberry (whatever that means) and it leaves a nice refreshing finish. You can enjoy Kim Crawford with salads or fish, but personally I think it’s best drank all on it’s own. While it’s price point of $19 makes it a bit of an investment, I promise you won’t be sorry. I think the fact that it was the only white sold out at the SAQ on the last beautiful sunny day speaks for itself.

Happy drinking!

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|Food & Wine Contributor| Food. Fitness. Travel. His three passions, and definitely in that order. When not working in a restaurant, Evan is at home cooking a feast or watching the foodnetwork. To balance his gluttony, he spends his free time training for triathlons and with his man and kitty. Growing up in a southern Ontario village, he moved to Ottawa for university. He lived in Europe for a year before settling in Montreal.



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