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June 21, 2011

Royal Phoenix: A Homo Bar For the Homogays in Montreal’s Mile End

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Written by: Erika
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Hey did you hear recently that the homos don’t need the village anymore because we are post-gay? Well, maybe we don’t need to stick to the village entirely, but by the turnout last Friday at Val Desjardin‘s new bar, Royal Phoenix, the queers still need, and very much want, their homogay spaces, and are maybe kinda gayer than ever.

You might know Val as the coordinator of Faggity Ass Friday’s – the monthly queer dance party and fundraiser for Head and Hand’s Sense Project – at Cabaret Playhouse, also in the Mile End, or you might also know her from the Montreal Roller Derby League.

Royal Phoenix Bar’s official grand opening took place June 17th at its location on St. Laurent and Bernard in Montreal’s Mile End.

The terrasse of Royal Phoenix was pumping all night long, a splattering of boys among the hordes of cute alternativey Mile End girls, and the muggy summer evening lent itself well to the loud chatter, menthol cigarettes, and carafes of fresh mojitos.

The inside remained fairly empty until service stopped on the terrasse (far too early), yet despite the unfortunately muggy room and crowded bar counter, djs Plastik Patrik and Lynne T got people dancing in the soft light from the outdoor street lamps. People were obviously excited, and a little titillated to be in a brand new space with lots of hot queers on such a gorgeous hot summer evening – it was easy to forget the heat and to forgive the lack of AC. Check out the hot photos at

Desjardins is planning to soon launch a kitchen menu of poboys and poutine, and will feature events and theme nights soon. Check out the Royal Phoenix Facebook page for nightly drink specials and “royal treatment”.  Expect to find a crowd of all ages and genders, plenty of alternative lifestyle haircuts, and probably lots of derby girls after bouts.


Royal Phoenix is located at 5788 Boulevard St. Laurent and is open Monday to Sunday from 5 PM to 3 AM.





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  1. Rachelle

    Fun night, but I agree with you about the the terrasse being closed too early. Will most definitely be back!

  2. Ty

    They serve (almost!) full glasses of wine.. which gets my dancy pointed-fingers out and on the go.

    Awesome bar, glad to see Val host such a fantastic night!

    New fav-

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