June 6, 2011

Cocktails: Summer Patio Favs


Today is the first day of The Gaily’s Summer Picks Week – a whole week dedicated to our tips and favourite things about summer. Look forward to posts on food and wine, fashion, the outdoors, entertainment, and holidays. Now, one of the highlights of the summer season of course is the almighty patio party, where you and 10 to 20 of your closest friends all squeeze onto someone’s deck that only has room for 5 and try to beat the heat with a few lovely libations.

Here are our team picks for summer drinks.


Jeromie’s Pick  – The Gaipirinha

There are as many types of fitting drinks for the patio scenario as there are Abercrombie and Fitch shirts in your closet, but if you’re inviting THIS guy over you can hands down guarantee what I’m bringing.  Get ready for a little shot of Brazil right in your kisser, because it’s Gaipirinha time.

The Gaipirinha more commonly known as the Caipirinha is the national drink of Brazil, traditionally it consists of sugar cane rum, limes and sugar, but since I like to do things a little differently we’re going to be jazzing it up here a little with a few creative twists.

Here’s what you are going to need to make the best Gaipirinha this summer.  It’s a little utensil heavy, I know, but oh so worth it – trust me.

+ A pestle and mortar
+ Martini shaker
+ 1 bag of cubed ice
+ 4 large limes per person (8 small ones per person)
+ 1 bottle of Cachaça or white rum
+ 1 Liter bottle of 7UP or Sprite

Cut one large lime into eight pieces or two small limes into four pieces each and place in mortar and pestle. Grind the limes until most of the juice is extracted and place inside the martini shaker. Fill a tall glass half way with ice and pour it into the martini shaker and place glass to the side. Pour two ounces of Cachaça or white rum into the shaker. Shake vigorously for about 30 seconds and pour contents into the glass leaving approximately two inches of free space. Pour 7Up or Sprite into the glass to just about full, stir and serve. Screaming “Who wants a Gaipirinha?!” is completely optional but totally encouraged.

You can fiddle around with the recipe and tweak it if you like, but for the first time stick to this recipe and take it from someone who learned how to make this from a Brazilian – it’s going to rock your world. Cheers!


Kyle’s Pick: Trinidadian’s Planters’ Punch

Toss your dreams about heading down to the Caribbean for holiday to escape the bitter Montreal cold, summer is here! But, if you are still craving a little Caribbean Flavah, mix up this classic cocktail from Trinidad.

Note** please do not use Jamaican rum; my family in Trinidad would cuss ya owt (yell at you) if they ever found out.

Trinidadian rum is hard to find in Ontario and Quebec, but Angostura 1919 is your best bet. If that is not available, Mount Gay (I know, I know) is an excellent alternative. NEVER use white rum. In fact,NEVER drink white rum. It’s pointless. It’s distilled in stainless steal vats and loses the distinct flavours of oak casks and or the sugar cane itself.

What you are going to need:

+ Limes
+ Pineapple juice
+ Orange juice (no pulp)
+ Fresh grated nutmeg
+ Angostura Bitters
+ Rum – 1919 or Mount Gay
+ Grenadine syrup
+ Maraschino cherry
+ Pineapple slice
+ Club soda**

Squeeze about a cup of fresh lime juice into a large bowl. Add equal parts pineapple and orange juice, grated nutmeg (don’t buy the powder, it will clump) , a liberal amount of bitters, two tbs of grenadine, and of course your rum. I am not going to tell you how much to put in. I like mine strong. When cocktailing, for a glass or a pitcher, the rule of thumb is usually 2:1 mix to booze. So if you do two cups of the juices each (four cups), do two cups of rum. Wooohooo!

Wisk together and pour into a jug or pitcher. Set up highball glasses with filled with ice and pour over. Leave about an inch to the brim. Stir. Garnish, cherry, lime and pineapple.

Must be sipped on a hot sunny day!

**Splash of club soda in the glass for sparkle is optional. Use to make less sweet.


Ty’s Pick: Raspberry Mojito

I have a thing for fresh raspberries.

Summer fun on my back patio wouldn’t be the same without my non-traditional raspberry mojitos. The recipe is simple and all you have to do is gather a few great friends, some fresh ingredients, a bagful of ice from your local dep and muddle your way into oblivion.

Check it, you’ll love this recipe.

+ 1 1/2 oz of white rum
+ 1 oz of freshly squeezed lime juice
+ 3 sprigs of fresh mint
+ 2 teaspoons of sugar
+ 8 raspberries
+ soda water


In a tall glass, muddle mint, raspberry and sugar until well-mixed. Add rum and lime juice; stir well. Add a generous handful of ice, then top with soda water. Add a few berries and a sprig of mint to garnish.


Erika’s Pick: The Quite Literally Famous White Peach Raspberry Sangria

I got hooked on Sangria when I was an au pair in southern France because the small spanish dance clubs were the most fun, and had the cheapest drinks (I was making 70 Euros a week). I used to stop by early and watch them fill 30 gallon pails of both white and red sangrias, so trust me when I tell you I was taught well. When I started managing a restaurant a few years ago, I brought my sangria skills to the bar and served up a different flavour every night. This is still my favourite. This will make several litres of Sangria.

+ 3 whole peaches, skinned
+ 2 pints of fresh raspberries
+ mickey of peach schnapps
+ 2 litres of cheap white wine
+ 500-750 mLs white grape juice
+ 1 L of ginger ale

The day before your party, skin the peaches and clean the raspberries and put them in the bottom of a glass pitcher or bowl, cover with the entire bottle of peach schnapps and set in the fridge over night. A couple hours before the party, in a large pot, bucket, or punch bowl, mix the fruit/schnapps mixture with the remaining ingredients and let sit in the fridge until party time. Add ice only to individual servings. I like to serve it in wine glasses.



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