May 13, 2011

Calgary’s Dyke Underground Comes Out

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Written by: Kris
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Thursday night’s D-Fest in support of the Calgary Dyke March brought out more queer women than a Tegan and Sara concert. Hosted by Club Sapien, the fundraiser hosted queer women’s talents in visual arts, music, spoken-word performance, and burlesque. By the end of the evening, everyone was, if not already, an honourary dyke. It was a rollicking good time for everyone.

The Calgary Dyke March is heading into its second year in Calgary. A grass-roots demonstration in support of queer women, and their allies, the march stands for breaking down barriers in the name of equality and acceptance.

And who knew Calgary had such a vibrant Dyke Underground? Visual art by local artists included collages, silk-screenings, and paintings along with a this comical lesbian how-to video that left us all in stitches:

Indie-folk music filled the air, while local drag-king troupe – Fake Mustache – made hearts break.

Between a two-part burlesque performance, and spoken-word excerpts from the Vagina Monologues, everyone in the crowd had either their lady-lovin’ confirmed, or gave it some serious consideration. Though there really is nothing quite like having a conversation punctuated by someone reenacting various lady-orgasms on stage.

The highlight of the evening, was definitely the gender-bending photo booth, which offered a cavalcade of ridiculous queer props and costumes in support of the march and local queer youth group, Misc Youth.


The night was a fabulous success for the march, for Calgary queerness, and for the dyke community. Lesbians have never been so fun. L-Word eat your heart out.


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|Calgary Contributor| Kris is a smart-ass living a life of aggressive fabulousness whose most remarkable quality is being sort of funny at parties.



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