May 11, 2011

Ride a F*cking Bike with the Gaily

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Written by: Team Gaily
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What is the best thing about Montreal summers? Festivals? Cute boys having picnics at Lafontaine in their cut offs and American Apparel tank tops? The hot girls on their fixed-gear bikes who, even in the blazing weather, are still wearing high-top sneakers?

Recently a group of us were sitting around – copious amounts of wine and gin consumed – and we got talking about how much we effing love our city. We also started sharing stories about what we love most about Montreal summers. We agreed that the combination of killer bike paths, bike culture, homogay lifestyle (bike) fashion, and hot people on bikes, is what makes a Montreal summer ridonculously fun.



We at the Gaily obvs like our bikes, evidenced by Ty’s article “BIXI Montreal – Sweaty and oh-so fabulous” and Erika’s insistence on you riding a f*cking bike in her “6 ways to rock/survive unemployment“.

So we totes thought that YOU – our readers – should come for a huge queer bike ride with The Gaily! Our first Ride a F*cking Bike will be happening on May 21st, 2011 and we will be leaving from Lionel Groulx metro at 1:00PM..

You should probs ride a gay bike like this:

Or you could just ride one like this:



But that is not it! Pack your picnic baskets boys and girls because we’ll be having a big gay picnic at Park Lafontaine after the ride. We’ll be ending our ride in the village so you will have plenty of time to buy drinks and food and haul ass up the hill to the park for lunch.

Friend of the Gaily and resident bicycle know-it-all – Kayla – has provided the following 3 easy steps to prepare for your f*cking bike ride:

1. Make sure you have a bike that works well, and fits you.
If it’s your first time riding this year, and you haven’t gotten a tune-up since last summer, make sure to see your nearest bike shop. You don’t want to be stuck on a path with a flat tire, or broken gear, and slow down the whole group.

If you need to get a Bixi, read about how that works in: “BIXI Montreal – Sweaty and oh-so fabulous

Hey did you know there is a lesbian bike shop in montreal that also gives lesbian hair cuts? Is that not the best thing you have ever heard? (Bikurious – 1757 Amherst in the Village).

If you’re borrowing a bike from a friend, make sure that it is not too small, or too big. Riding a bike that doesn’t fit your height can be very uncomfortable, and you will end up overexerting yourself. 

2. Bring a helmet.

Yes, it will probably mess up your cute alternative lifestyle do’. Yes, it might not match your pants. Yes, you DO NEED ONE. (Also, if it’s cracked, or you can see that the styrofoam is indented, get a new one. “You can replace a helmet, but not a brain.” – Kayla)

3. Pack a bottle of water and a snack for the road.

Keeping hydrated during any physical activity is really important. It’s not enough to just drink water though; your body needs to replace the energy you’re exerting. Some great snacks that will give you long steady energy and wont take up too much space in your backpack are trail mix, an apple or carrots.

Don’t forget to confirm your attendance to this amazing event on our fb event page. Extra points for streamers, horns, bells, and costumes.

Technigays, use this (if you don’t know what this is, read this post first):







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  1. Rachelle

    Sounds like sooooo much fun! Really wish I was going to be around to join the festivities and ride my fucking bike :). Have fun everyone.

  2. Carly

    I totally want to ride my f*cking bike with the Gaily this year. Lets do it again!!!

  3. Ty

    Sounds Great Carly! Wanna help organize?

  4. Hi Carly! We have been thinking the same thing! Please email me if you are interested in helping organize!

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