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August 2, 2011

Twitter Contest: I’d Much Rather Win A Card Than Buy It Via @blamethecard

Unfortunately for The Gaily Contest

Do you love the exclusive Unfortunately for The Gaily line of cards so much that you’d do pretty much anything to get your hands on one of them? If so, we have a Twitter contest just for you!

All you need to do is click the tweet button anytime before 5:00 pm today and you’ll automatically be entered into the contest to win the card of your choice! Just make sure to keep @blamethecard and @thegaily in the tweet so we can keep track of everyone who entered.

(FYI: We can not keep track of retweets, so you need to tweet directly from here or copy and paste the contest details into your own tweet if you want to be entered!)

Winners will be selected at random and will be contacted to confirm which card they’d like to have sent to them. This contest is limited to one submission per person.

To see the full range of Unfortunately for The Gaily cards, visit our new Gaily Merch Store:

The Gaily Merch Store brings you a variety of handmade, eco and sustainable, Canadian, queer-oriented gifts and fashions for your alternative lifestyle. In addition to our exclusive Unfortunately for The Gaily greeting card line, we are carrying fashions from SoGeï and will be announcing several other lines, as well as The Gaily’s own branded merchandise soon.

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