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Mo-bros and mo-sistas,

This year marks the second year #teamgaily takes on #Homovember!

2011 was a resounding success by creating awareness about the importance for men (or people with the bits of concern!) to go get themselves and their bits checked out by a health care professional regularly, while raising money to assist in further research into serious diseases that affect their health!

Here, at the gaily, we continue to want to participate in an ever-growing awareness campaign while raising money to support the cause.

Please donate to any mo-bro or sista on our team. It all goes to the same cause.

And don’t forget to check out The Gaily and this page for more updates on health information and our fundraising events for the month.

Happy Movember to everyone!

Presenting #teamgaily for #homovember:

(click their pics to donate to them directly, OR donate to the team here!)

In the Media:

Listen to Kyle and Ty on CBC’s Homerun Radio show (Nov 2011):

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Feature Articles from 2011: