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August 24, 2011

Chely Wright Weds, No Dress For Lesbian, A Senseless Hate-Crime, and Michael’s Single.

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What a week. My heart still aches for the loss of the Jack Layton. He was and still is one of my all time heroes. His leadership and drive was something that will always inspire me. After hearing his final letter written days before his death, he reminded me of another hero of mine, Harvey Milk. Milk’s quote “You’ve got to give them hope,” kept ringing in my ear. This is what Layton left with me, hope. May we, as Canadians, take this lesson and move forward. Canada is ours, and it is up to us to build it our way.

In other news…

Chely Wright Marries… Another Girl

That’s right. Chely Wright, Country Music’s sweetheart and new lesbian (I hope someone sent her a toaster) married her girlfriend of one year LGBT activist Lauren Blitzer on Saturday, August 20 at Blitzer’s Aunt’s home in Connecticut. Wright famously came out one year ago on the cover of People magazine. She later wrote a book, travelled the Oprah, Ellen television circuit, and became a strong queer advocate and activist. Her documentary Wish Me Away has been travelling the film festival circuit, and is winning awards all over the United States.

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Bridal Shop Says No to Lesbian

Homophobia is alive and well in Somers Point, New Jersey! Excellent! The wedding dress shop Here Comes the Bride (only if you are marrying a man) has received 394 negative reviews so far on Yelp an online user-reviews search site in a reaction to the shop’s owners refusal to sell Alex Ginter a wedding dress because she was marrying a woman. According to the owner, Donna Saber (otherwise known as Satan) the marriage would be an ‘illegal action’. Um, correct me if I am wrong, but are we not surrounded by images of New York gays getting married in the media? Does she read the newspaper? Does she watch the news? What the? Well, Dummie … uh, Donna Saber has been misinformed to the point of being illegal. In this crazy, modern world called 2011, it is illegal in the States that allow gay marriage to discriminate based on sexuality. Come to Canada Alix Ginter, we would love to sell you the most beautiful dress in the world.

Via @ The New Civil Rights Movement

Anti-Gay Beating Leaves Teen Dead

Another senseless death in the United States has left level headed individuals fuming. Marcellus Andrews, 19 from Waterloo, Iowa was beaten to death by unknown homophobic assailants. Apparently as he was being beaten to death, the murderers were hailing out anti-gay slurs. Andrews had a promising career as he was studying interior design and was an active member of the drill team at his local church. The assailants, although still unknown, knew him by his name. The investigation continues.

Via @ The New Civil Rights Movement

 George Michael is Single

I have a confession to make. For a good 10 years of my childhood I was in love with George Michael. I think it was his flawless look, his short-shorts, his leather, oh yes his leather. I also had an infatuation with all hair metal lead singers (only if they wore eyeliner), and Joan Jett. Alright, let’s say it all together now, “Dallas, you are and always were a dyke.”

Anyways, for all those that still have an infatuation with him, he is single! He has actually been single for two years, citing his partner’s, Kenny Goss, alcohol addiction as the main culprit.

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UK Threatens End To Foreign Aid Over Anti-Gay Policies

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  1. pat

    Could they have airbrushed George’s face a little more?

  2. Is anyone else against the double white dress thing? I feel like this is a thing that should NOT be a thing.

  3. Dallas

    AGREED! I don’t like that thing either.

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