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August 18, 2011

Gaily Beat CNN Edition: O’Donnell Walks Off, Anderson Gigglefest, Pope Protested…

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What with their celebrity hosts, high profile guests and extensive reach, there is always bound to be some fun drama and silly videos over at CNN. Today there happened to be enough that we could do an entire Gaily Beat based on the drama, ha has and news from yesterday.

(Editor’s Note: My apologies that this is almost entirely actually about Christine O’Donnell. It was too easy.)

Since when do tea partyers not talk about gay marriage?

Well last night on Piers Morgan, former witch and Tea Party candidate Christine O’Donnell walked off the set while promoting her book, “Troublemaker“ after Piers wouldn’t stop asking her about her thoughts on gay marriage and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. She found the topics (which are found in her book) to be irrelevant and his questioning rude.

I am likely not the only one that finds it peculiar that politicians aren’t answering questions about their own policies and statements. The only possible conclusion we can make is that O’Donnell thinks her own positions could be politically damaging to herself which is saying a lot for a member of the Tea Party.

Also, apparently Christine O’Donnell was interviewed as a co-host for the View. As shocking and offensive as I find this, I want to be clear that having met Barbara Walters in passing and “almost” becoming co-host are not in fact the same. Unless of course you are a witch.

Anderson Cooper talked to Piers Morgan (and called him a cheeky monkey) about O’Donnell walking off :

This CNN video of the silver fox made the rounds on my Facebook feed this morning, and after the fifth person posted it I couldn’t help but take a peek. Apparently Anderson Cooper closes his show with his RidoncuList, a rundown of silly pop culture news and celebrity gossip. In last night’s edition, Cooper was reporting on Gerard Depardieu’s public urination incident, rife (as most pee and poo jokes are) with tons of puns. Apparently the puns were even too much for Anderson. His laugh is entirely infectious. I had a tummy hurtin chuckle along with him.

The Pope has arrived in Spain for World Youth Day – an event that happens every three years to bring Catholic youth together from around the world – but hasn’t had a spectacular reception from the Spanish public. Apparently, however, it isn’t all about politics or religion as you might think, but rather the high cost – nearly $70 million – of his visit.

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