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August 2, 2011

Life “Without Men”, Youth Centre For Montreal, and Lesbians Want To Go To Prom

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As Summer has officially begun it’s descent into the world down below, my optimism has about as much cheer as a grave. And, because we all love to begin our day by crying out landmarks big enough to host homogay weddings, why waste any more time? Let’s cut to the dirty chase.

Lordy lordy,…. it’s a douchebag award.

North Carolina: A ‘nice’ little story involving a man named Moses, and the mention of the Lord. Ring a bell? Cough, Exodus, Cough. Only this story is a little less holy.

Peter Lucas Moses, is being prosecuted for not one (because apparently one isn’t douchy enough) but TWO counts of first-degree murder. Previously, said wise man shot his 4 year-old, common-law son for showing signs of homosexuality. ‘And what were these signs?’ I hear you ask. Apparently slapping the bum of a young’un lead Moses to believe that young Jadon Higganbotthan would (eventually) come out as an LGBTQ youth member. No matter how legitimate one’s concerns are, the number one rule is you never shoot a four-year old child in the head, let alone any child or any one.

Additionally, this alleged leader of a religious cult, is also being charged with the murder of Antoinetta Yvonne McKoy, and could potentially face the death penalty. Moses lived in a one-room house with nine children and three women who were obliged to call him ‘Lord’… Douchebag Award anyone?

via @ The new civil rights movement


Problems down under

The hostility towards homogays exists not only in the so called ‘conservative’ part of the world, but it’s in fact omnipresent in a place where one would least expect it. Can’t you picture it so clearly in your mind; lesbian couple riding horses, rounding up kangaroos or sheep, sporting sexy sunhats with the dangling corks.

Of course if the lezbiecouple attended St Mary’s Anglican Girls School in Perth, they wouldn’t have any cherish-able polaroids of themselves at the formal ball (ie Prom). School authorities claim that allowing same-sex partners is ‘inappropriate.’

“WA Equal Opportunity Commissioner Yvonne Henderson said the school could be breaching the Equal Opportunities Act by discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation.”

Kitty Hawkins, the Gay and Lesbian Equality WA co-convenor, states that same-sex couples and transgendered students are at a higher risk of mental illness, self-harm, substance abuse and suicide. Well really! Ya don’t say…
Therefore, she insists that prohibiting a student to bring a ladyfriend as her date would only increase the feeling of isolation and devastation and demands that this ban be lifted.

“Same-sex attraction and trans-genderism are not contagious and allowing one or two same-sex couples to attend a dance together will not insinuate that the entire year will then follow suit.” – Ms. Hawkins

– via @ Heraldsun

Hate no more + Unconditional love

Because life is unfair and homophobia is a global problem, things like this still exist. So on the bright side, both Jamaica and Uganda acknowledge this and will be launching two separate campaigns, challenging their respective nations’ anti-gay hate.

In less than two weeks, Uganda will be launching its very own ‘Hate No More’ Campaign, led by Freedom and Roam Uganda the (Ugandan) human rights organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transdengered and intersex persons. The precise objective of this campaign is to raise awareness of physical and sexual abuse that LGBTQ beings suffer in Uganda. How this will be done, and what this entails is not clear but we’ll find out on August 10.

Jamaica’s LGBT activists have launched a public service announcement named ‘Unconditional Love’ which presents a former Miss Jamaica World & Universe alongside her not-so-straight brother, Matthew Straw. Luckily, J-FLAG (Jamaica Forum of Lesbians All Sexuals and Gays) has received support from the U.S Ambassador to Jamaica, facilitating the realization of this idea.

via @ San Diego Gay & Lesbian News

New homo space for Montreal youth

Another step for promoting gay-love is being taken by our very own. The Montreal Youth Coalition Against Homophobia is in the planning stages of a project directed towards LGBTQ peeps aged 14-25. The project entails establishing a youth centre, similar to this one in the West Island.

The aim is to create a space for baby gays, baby dykes, babytrans and queers, in the very heart of our home: the village.

“The project started out because the Gay Village doesn’t have an area dedicated to youth. Right now, everything offered there is focused on consumption,”  says Coalition president Bruno Laprade.

Despite the already existing services for LGBTQ youth (Project 10, Jeunesse Lambda) the funding does not provide more than two activity nights per week. The MYCAH envisions a centre that can offer double or triple the services and that will attract diverse youth to the village- not just those who come to partayyy.

via@ montreal gazette

Eva Longoria + a movie ‘without men’ = inevitable on-screen lesbianism

To make up for all the morbid news earlier, I give you (lesbians) a gift:

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