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November 1, 2011

Kim Kardashian 72-Day Marriage Over! Why We Care

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Written by: Dallas
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Like a page ripped out of the Britney Spears nuptial saga, Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce from her husband of 72 days, NBA player Kris Humphries. This is the second speedy wedding for Kardashian and the first for Humphries. While citing ‘irreconcilable differences’ on the divorce papers. ‘friends’ of Kardashian state that Humphries was nothing but a fame hungry nobody (uhhh NBA star) that was in it solely for the media attention. Right, and Kim Kardashian – daughter of  now-deceased OJ lawyer, and stepdaughter to Olympic medalist Bruce Jenner – never milked her socialite standing for her celebrity status.

Apparently this marriage was doomed from the start. Humphries wanted to Kardashian to move to his hometown in Minnesota. Hehe.. yah like that was ever going to work. It would be a like a real life ‘Simple Life’, well except for the fact that that it too would most likely turn into a reality show. TMZ reports:

Kim Kardashian will never, ever move to Minnesota … everyone knows that … except Kris Humphries. Sources close to the former couple tell TMZ … one of the main points of contention in the marriage was where the couple would live after all of the wedding madness finally died down.  We’re told Kris was passionate about eventually settling down in Minnesota, where he’s from … and believed Kim was on board with the plan. She wasn’t. Sources tell us Kim — who’s from L.A. — wants to stay near her family … and she also feels that staying in town is the best thing for her career.  Sources say it’s not a nasty break-up … but we’re told the two have come to a realization that it’s not a long-term fit.

Yup, thanks tips. Of course it wasn’t going to last! How could it? Her mother is married to Bruce Jenner who has produced the likes of Brody Jenner, the not-so-nice star of The Hills, and current boyfriend of Avril Lavigne. Jenner has stated publicly that he has very little, to no contact with his kids outside his marriage to the Kardashian matriarch. Instead, they live off of Daddy’s money, with little, to no regard for real life. Kim’s sisters, Khloe and Kourtney are just as messed up as she is. Khloe married her then boyfriend, NBA player Lamar Odom after a short, month-long courtship. Kourtney has been dating real-life loser, and really I don’t know what he does professionally, Scott Disick, an alcoholic, control freak, that is now the father of her son, Mason. Awesome!

So, the question remains, why do we (or maybe, just I) care? Maybe it is because I have not had the right to marry for as long as they have, but for me marriage is a long and thoughtful process. To marry someone simply because I love them, is NOT what marriage is all about. It is a partnership that will not only have love, it will have all the makings of a life lived in tandem. This partnership involves many, MANY ups and downs, and requires a massive, thoughtful, logical reality check on whether marriage is the way to go with your significant other. Celebrities, in my opinion have a habit of destroying this commitment because, well simply put, they can. It raises their popularity scale in the paparazzi world. For a plain Jane lezzy like me, if I was to get divorced, I can’t imagine people would want to take pictures of me in my misery.

Why we worship the likes of a Kardashian or a Hilton is beyond me. I have struggled to understand why I could spend a good part of a Sunday glued to a show about two spoiled girls that ‘struggle’ with running an overpriced clothing store in Miami and New York (that would be DASH, a Kardashian venture), but I do. Sometimes the show makes me laugh, and sometimes it let’s me escape my own life. But most of all, and do not laugh, I keep remembering that these are real people.

Money and fame aside, Kim Kardashian is probably hurting. After all, she is just a girl. It is common, that at least once a month, a celebrity has died of an overdose, or by their own hands. These are the people we supposedly look up to. By watching The Kardashians I am contributing to a sick, overvalued culture that does not allow themselves to experience real life. Perhaps if I stop watching, the show will be canceled, and Kim may have a chance at real life. In all honesty though, Ms. Kardashian will probably move on to another professional athlete by next month. Common Kim, the cycle must stop here.

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  1. pat

    This marriage was a publicity set up from the get-go.

  2. Ty

    lol.. this is awful and amazing at the same time.

    seriously? 72 days?

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