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August 23, 2011

Lesbians in Tehran, Jack Layton Remembered, Bisexual Men Exist


“Circumstance” Coming to a Gay & Lesbian Film Festival Near You

Iran fascinates me, especially in terms of the underground life there, so I am particularly looking forward to the new film “Circumstance” which opens in LA and NY this Friday about two lesbian girls, and their illicit underground life in Tehran.

“…Shireen, whose friendship with her privileged classmate Atafeh, (Nikohl Boosheri), turns erotic as they navigate a circuit of illicit parties offering drink, drugs, dancing, loud Western music and banned films. The situation becomes even more complicated when Atafeh’s troubled older brother, Mehran (Reza Sixo Safai), also falls in love with Shireen…”

The New York Times reports that making the film also presented difficulties because it couldn’t be filmed in Tehran, and one of the main actresses – originally from Iran – could possibly never return because of her involvement. The film is in persian, and I hope will be truthful to the current state of affairs in Iran. If so, it will be a rare glimpse for outsiders as well as expats into this world.

Via @ The New York Times

Bisexual Men Are Bisexual Report Finds, Not Just Closeted Homos

Uh,.. yah. Apparently the same university that six years ago claimed male bisexuality non-existent now claims that male bisexuality is in fact bisexuality and not not bisexuality. That’s right.

This time, the researchers recruited men from websites catering to bisexuals and limited the cohort to those who had had sex with at least two women and two men, and relationships with at least one person from each sex. Respondents then watched videos of men and women engaging in same-sex intimacy while genital sensors tracked their erectile responses.

Bisexual men were found to respond sexually and “subjectively” to both situations, a stark difference from the gay and straight men in the study.

The findings are part of a growing body of research that suggests bisexual men are not homosexual but uniquely sexually aroused – a concept some still find hard to swallow, and a no-brainer for guys who identify as bisexual.

And also a no brainer for everyone other than Northwestern University researchers. Thanks Science!

Via @ The Globe and Mail

Bon courage, et Au Revoir, Bon Jack. 

We reported yesterday that NDP leader Jack Layton died from cancer. We at the Gaily came together to tell our stories and recount our memories of him. Many of us also attended the vigil last night on Mont Royal in Montreal which only reinforced to me his incredible popularity in Quebec.

Throughout the day, there was incredible tributes made here and elsewhere, a few of which are worthy of sharing again:

I see this scene and I see Jack on crutches, his face moist with sweat and his complexion pale, powering his way through this crowd, cantilevering his body on crutches, taking the weight on his shoulders, moving towards his caucus area in the lobby.

It is an image of a man struggling, in the middle of a crowd, to prevail, to make it through. What I remember best is his smile: cheerful, jaunty and buoyant. The smile was an inspiration, then and now.

Rest in peace, Jack.

– Michael Ignatieff

He was both a Quebecker and Canadian and his fluidity in being both those things won over the heart of Quebec the last election. He was a hetero man who spoke up for the rights of LGBT persons, a man that came from financial means who published a book on the homeless in Canada, he was from a conservative home; his father a MP and cabinet minister in the Mulroney government in the early 1980’s (his grandfather a cabinet minster of Quebec’s Duplessis government), but Layton came to his own economic and social conclusions. Layton married Olivia Chow, a Chinese immigrant and accomplished politician/activist in her own right and adopted much of her culture as he could…

– Ashleigh Delaye, The Gaily

Throughout his time on City Council and in the House of Commons, he understood how factors like poverty, racism, and colonialism interact with and exacerbate women’s inequality, and he fought to end all these things. He listened to the most vulnerable people and helped bring their stories to Ottawa.

Women’s representation soared in the NDP under Jack Layton. He took an active role in reaching out to recruit outstanding women candidates to run for office across the country…

– Jarrah Hodge, Gender Focus Blog

About the Author

|Executive Editor & Co-Founder| A mostly hippy and always hungry cultural critic, closeted pop-culture lover, and food know-it-all. Half cowgirl, half Ivy leaguer. You will find me writing on the crazy sh*t that happens on my teevee, feminism, philanthropy, religion and politics. I like singing shows, high-waisted skirts, scotch, two-stepping, and all forms of breakfast foods (sweet AND salty).



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Rob Ford “Ambushed” by CBC, Afraid of Cameras, Mics, Mary Walsh

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UK Threatens End To Foreign Aid Over Anti-Gay Policies

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  1. And also a no brainer for everyone other than Northwestern University researchers. Thanks Science!

    I laughed.

  2. Valerie

    I’m so upset that Circumstance only premiered in NY and LA on Friday. I really hoped it would be present here too, in Montreal. I was looking forward to this movie since I heard about it in June! Do you think it will ever hit the screens here? Or will everyone have to wait for the DVD?

    Also, Jack Layton will forever be remembered. To me, he was always the real prime minister.

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