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September 28, 2011

National Trans Bill is Back on the Agenda in House of Commons

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Written by: Dallas
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Rumour has it, and has had it for many years that the NDP and Liberals will join forces to fight the evil Conservatives. This “coalition” aims to improve the life, well-being and protection of the Canadian trans populations.

On September 19 and September 21st respectively, Liberal MP Hedy Fry – who has incidentally attended every Pride that I have – and then NDP Randall Garrison reintroduced a trans bill that would protect trans Canadians from discrimination.

This private members bill (introduced in the House of Commons by a member of parliament who is not a cabinet minister) was initially introduced by NDP MP, and a huge queer advocate (who, again, walked with me in the Vancouver Dyke March). It was awaiting Senate approval when the last Federal Election was called.

The bill aims: to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act (CHRA) to include “gender identity” and “gender expression” as prohibited grounds of discrimination; and to add crimes motivated by transphobia to the list of hate crimes under the Criminal Code of Canada. This kind of protection within the CHRA will offer trans individuals clearer protection against discrimination and help create more safer spaces in Canada for all.

I have had reservations about two political parties joining forces to rid Canada of evil before. They are very distinct parties with distinct agendas, and those two parties and thier members, in my eyes, should remain seperate. I do, however fully support a coallition of parties for issue or value-based battles. Human rights should be a part of all parties’ agendas, regardless of political stripe. Repeatedly we see that trans people in Canada need protection. This bill, if it passes, will not change minds or attitudes but will afford some Canadians some peace of mind, security, and recognition.

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