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October 26, 2011

Rob Ford “Ambushed” by CBC, Afraid of Cameras, Mics, Mary Walsh

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Written by: Dallas
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I have to tell you, this story made my life. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford called 911 on Monday, after CBC’s Mary Walsh, aka Marg Delahunty, famous for her in your face, satirical interviews on This Hour Has 22 Minutes, came to his house and started ambushing him, or as others might describe it, “interviewing him”.

Apparently Ford had never watched 22 Minutes, nor did he recognize Mary Walsh, again proving he is completely out of touch with Canadian culture.

 “There was a lady dressed up and she was screaming my name: ‘We got you Rob Ford, we got you,'” Ford said, adding that his six-year-old daughter was frightened and went back into the home.”

Really? Well Mary Walsh is definately one scary woman, with her Newfie accent, and her warrior costume. Seriously? When he describes the ‘ordeal’ he makes it sound like a herd of queer armed snipers were cordoning off his property and taking his daughter hostage.

“I came out of my house and I was ambushed,” stated Ford adding, “I didn’t know who they were and obviously I’ve had death threats and there was a camera and a mic.”

So, let’s get this straight. Rob Ford not only became the first Mayor in years to not publicly support Toronto Pride, he also voted against bike lanes because, in his words “roads are built for busses, cars, and trucks. My heart bleeds when someone gets killed, but its their own fault at the end of the day,” and once told a homeless protestor “I’m working. Why don’t you get a job?” and he is scared of woman with a microphone in a superhero suit? Come on Ford! You make it way too easy.


via: CBC Online

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  1. Ty

    Wow… I still don’t know how he was ever elected.

    “You … bitches! Don’t you f–king know? I’m Rob f–king Ford, the mayor of this city!”

  2. pat

    think of the laughs we’d be missing if this fat (yeah i used the ‘f’ word), sweaty blowhard hadn’t become mayor. i am enjoying the hilarity of his tenure.

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