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August 3, 2011

Rosie’s Show, Angelina Honoured, No Scrubs for T.R., SamRo Busted

tgb aug 3

What have I learned this week? Well sunscreen does make a difference, especially for this white chick,  Pride celebrations are like a gay Christmas, and I am completely addicted to Caramel Mocha Frappuccino’s from Starbucks.

In other news….

Rosie’s Back!

My hero and apparent doppelganger (as I have been told numerous times) is back on the small screen!

Rosie O’Donnell of The View fame at her best and the Flintstones fame at her worst will be hosting a new show for the OWN Network (Oprah Winfrey’s enormous, but flailing new adventure). On October 10, in the 7:00 p.m. time slot, her show will debut and she promises that it will be a multi-generational show that will touch on a myriad of topics.

“What I am hoping to do, and I think what I will do, is make an entertaining, enjoyable show that people will want to tune in with multi-generations.”

I am secretly hoping that her first guest is Elisabeth Hasselback, America’s favourite little Republican. If you recall, O’Donnell exited The View immediately following an argument between her and Hasselback about the war in Iraq. What I think will work about The Rosie Show is that it is pure Rosie on her own terms. She reminds me of a trash talking, biker-bitch version of Ellen DeGeneres and I for one can’t wait to tune in.

Via @ After Ellen

Gay Mormon’s Studied.

Apparently praying the gay away is not working.

Utah State University is in the process of collecting online information from 1000 lesbian, bisexual, gay, and trans (mormon) individuals.

“The broad goal is to provide a better description of how LGBT people function within the Mormon church,” said Galliher, who is working alongside Brigham Young University emeritus biology professor Bill Bradshaw. “You’ll see that we’re asking them to talk with us about a whole range of experiences both related to and unrelated to their religiosity,” she said.

The hope for this study is that the Mormon ‘myth’ that Mormon’s can not be gay will be explored. They also hope to gather facts that will hopefully enlighten church leaders and thier followers (particularly those that are close to the queer population).

Via @ The Associated Press

Angelina Jolie honored in Sarajevo.

My future wife..ahh..err Angelina Jolie was honored with a special tribute at the 17th Annual Sarajevo Film Festival on July 30th. She worked the red carpet looking uber hot on the arm of that guy that she procreates with. I think his name is Brad something. Anyways, back to Angelina, she received the Heart of Sarajevo tribute award on behalf of the work she does in Sarajevo.

“I’m so happy to be in this remarkable city in this beautiful country and I’ve spent the last year lucky enough to experience not just the warmth and the hospitality of the local people but also your extraordinary talent” said Jolie.

Continuing on about her experience shooting her directorial debut “In the Land of Blood and Honey” in Bosnia, Angelina stated, “In my career, I have never worked with such disciplined and talented artists as I was able to this last year.”

Via @ Associated Press

T.R. Knight Moves on Without his Scrubs

T.R. Knight, formerly of Grey’s Anatomy has returned to television as a guest star on Law and Order: SUV. In his first television role since Grey’s Anatomy, Knight is guest starring as a suspected serial rapist adamant about his innocence. This does sound suspiciously like every other SVU episode, but Knight’s talent may set it apart from the others.

Knight was a star on Grey’s Anatomy for five seasons, leaving in 2009. He is openly gay and is an advocate for queer rights. When his costar, Isaiah Washington insulted Knight with a defamatory name (I will give you one guess as to what it was) Washington was immediately fired. Knight’s other costars rallied behind him during this time.

Via @ Associated Press

LiLo’s Ex Busted for DUI

In another idiotic move in the land of celebrities, Samantha Ronson, ex-girlfriend of Lindsay Lohan has just been busted for driving under the influence. At 10:30 a.m. (yes that means morning) while the rest of us are drinking our second cup of coffee, Ronson was pulled over in her Black Porsche in Baker, California for speeding. She was on her way home from her dj’ing gig in Las Vegas. One hour later she was being booked for driving at twice the legal limit. Smooth move. She was later released. Yet another mug shot to add to the wall of celebrity shame. Her mug shot quickly made the rounds on twitter. And yes, she really did make that face.

After witnessing all of Lindsay’s problems while they were dating you would think she would do her best to not emulate the now famous jail bird. Perhaps equally disturbing? Her booking sheet listed her as 5′ 7″ and 102 pounds. Perhaps you should put down the glass and pick up a burger Samantha Ronson. You may save yourself another arrest.

Via @ tmz

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tgb aug 10

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What have I learned this week? Well, apparently there is going to be a massive recession, similar to 2008. I am a writer who volunteers her life away, therefore I am poor. Recession, shemession, makes no difference to the lower...
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