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August 9, 2011

Straight Pride, a Scandalous Romance, Jesus in Drag, APA loves the Gay

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Fear not, I haven’t drowned today’s Gaily Beat with sorrow like I did last week (although sarcasm may be omnipresent in this post). But there’s no sorrow today because guess what today is!? The first day of Montreal Pride, so this week is all about happy things like rainbows and unicorns and y’know, everything gay! Because we’re all so gay gay gay.

Mayor, may I flaunt my hetero privilege in a parade just like the homos flaunt all their rights?

Straight Pride. It’s a thing. While the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil was preparing to host one of the biggest gay parades in the world, a man who clearly has nothing better to do in life, Carlos Apolinario, came up with the ‘great idea’ to introduce a Straight Pride Bill, now waiting for official approval by the Mayor in order to become law.

So you may or may not agree with me, but I think this has got to be one of the most futile/vacuous propositions ever…

Gay Pride is not all about parading around in semi-nude attire or entertaining the crowd with drag queens and dykes on bikes. Although a lot of that is part of Pride, and of course it makes it all the more fun (don’t get me wrong, I love it), but I think a lot of people on the outside don’t understand what Pride symbolizes. The root of Gay Pride itself is the backlash against LGBT oppression… what oppression does one face in the heterosexual world that requires a retaliation? Where do you see the gay population denying straight people the right to marry, or adopt? Where do you see ‘straight-hate’ crimes?

Read on my friend…

-The bill aims to “raise awareness and encourage the population to safeguard the morals and good customs.

-Critics against the bill have alleged that it is provocation, however, Apolinario clarifies that it is just a way for people to express their opposition against the “excesses and privileges” given to the gay community.

-Among 39 council members, 11 were against the approval of the project.

Right, because apparently the term ‘heterosexual privilege’ doesn’t mean a thing… Please. I can’t even.

via @ christianpost

“The Naughty Teacher” strikes Britain again 

On a more scandalous note, a P.E teacher in Kent, was suspended for supposedly being involved in an illicit relationship with a 17 year old student. Nicola Webster, 26, was apparently caught kissing female student, ‘Pupil A’ by one of her colleagues. Webster refuted the charges and claimed that she was being falsely accused by the head of the P.E Department, Rachel Skelcher, who was apparently adamant on blighting her career. However, Skelcher was not the only advocate to this allegation; Angela Goss, an English teacher also states that she had seen them kissing at a pub.

-Miss Webster said: ‘I can confirm that I have never, and never will enter into a relationship with a pupil.’

Facebook photos prove that there was indeed an ‘inappropriate’ relationship, and despite Nicola Webster’s repudiation, she’s been suspended from her career for two years.

Also, she denied being a lesbian. Scoff. Cause we’re gonna believe that.

via@ Daily Mail

Well what do ya know, another Drag Queen Christ.

Luke Roberts’ triptych of Jesus’ crucifixion has been entered into 2011’s Blake Prize for religious art and is one of the 73 Finalists. However there’s a particularity with this piece of work;

-The provocative Brisbane artist has created three depictions of the crucifixion of Christ: in one, lesbian academic Jodie Taylor kneels at the feet of a Christ figure played by Tobin Saunders, better known as drag queen Vanessa Wagner.
-Another photo features Jandy Rainbow, an intersex woman, clad only in a pink G-string and nipple tassles adopting the crucifixion pose, while controversial indigenous artist Richard Bell, who judged this year’s Sulman Prize by tossing a coin, features in the third shot.

This was Roberts’ first entry in the Blake Prize, and he claims the art work to be a celebration of Jesus and grace that he bestowed upon humanity. Thanks to my wonderful Religions prof, I actually know what that means, Win!

-”If people think I’m just taking the piss out of Christianity, they’re way off track,” Roberts told The Sun-Herald.

Anglican Bishop of South Sydney, Rob Forsythe has not seen the triptych, but announced that seemed like something that would not please him. Despite his personal views, the Bishop adds that it is not something that should be forbidden. Looks like this guy knows what’s up in the art world.

-The chairman of the Blake Prize, Dr Rod Pattenden, said he did not think any of this year’s artworks were controversial. ”The Blake always gathers works that will have unexpected perspectives on traditional religious ideas,” he said. ”Religion by its very nature is always being challenged to deal with new situations.”

In any case, the Blake Prize has gotten used to controversy over the last 60 years; other entries have included Madonna made with blood, and a depiction of the crucifixion, with the inscription ”only women bleed”.

Right unless he was talking about the great grace of the monthly period, I can see how this could have caused a bit of chatter. Mind you, either way he meant it, some folks just thought it was plain ugly – Cullen’s work pushed an art judge to resign from the panel of the Blake Prize in 2008. Really… seriously. Why would one do that; resign because of distaste for an art piece. Would you do that? What would Jesus do?

Anywho, the winner of the $15, 000 Blake Prize for religious art will be announced September 15th.

Via @ Sydney Morning Herald
Via @ Telegraph

APA says Yes to marriage 

The American Psychological Association’s ( APA ) policymaking body voted in favor of same-sex marriage, August 3rd. What does this mean? Well our neighbors to the south (hey not THAT kind of neighbour) has more of a chance to be cool like us Canadians and let their homogays get married!

Research proves that marriage gives people a warm and fuzzy feeling inside, you know the kind when you feel happy. To deprive access to something that makes people happy is just not something that the APA is down with. They’ve always been advocates for gay rights, supporting same-sex marriage and adoption rights back in 2004. Activists are hoping that this development will help in future legal and practical matters when it comes to LGBT rights. I guess it helps that the APA is the largest and the most respected psychological organization in the world. Just sayin’

Via @ Windy City Media Group


If you’re in Montreal this week, and if you like art/gay art, don’t miss out on the annual Cafe des Arts. There will be an outdoor exposition at Parc Emilie-Gamelin from August 11-14th and on Saturday from noon to 6pm, there will be LIVE ART which means you get to see the artists in action.

Via @ Montreal Gazette

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  1. You make a good point about LGBT oppression. But I have to admit that as a middle aged hetero white married christian mom, I am a minority and want my own parade. Ah forget it. I’m going to dress up in the next gay pride parade!

    • Nikki

      I guess its just the meaning behind pride is significant to the history/cause and not really about being a minority.
      Haha but I suppose everyone wants their own parade right :P

  2. Dallas

    for 364 days of the year we all must celebrate the heterosexual life. all we ask for is one. there was an attempt to start a straight pride in calgary, but it never worked out. why? because we already have one. it is called calgary stampede…

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