July 26, 2011

Boob Jobs, Yodelling Twins, Canadian Lutherans Are Cool…

TGB july 26

The week is off to a good start so far; no-one famous has OD’d (yet) and the number of legally married same-sex couples has been multiplying exponentially. If a diamond detector was a thing and you could pass it over the state of New York, it would suffer an incessant chain of violent seizures, what with the vow-exchanging, ring bearing ceremonies taking place so feverishly.

Evangelical Lutherans Want To Be Cool Too

What with the love that’s in the air, it seems the largest Lutheran denomination in Canada, has caught the gay. Last week, they voted affirmative on performing same-sex unions and on the consecration of gay pastors. Which means green light for the homogay clergy! It seems like more and more churches have begun to accept alternative sexuality and although we’re still far from this becoming a majoritarian thing, baby steps will make it happen. I suppose I don’t expect a Vatican sponsored Pride anytime soon but one can only hope.


Via @ Winnipeg Free Press

M->F Breast Implants

A transgendered musician from Alberta won a radio contest and is to receive breast implants. The contest drew major criticism from the public, and so it was a strange turn of events when  ‘Avery’ took 76% of all online votes and a landslide win. Avery claims that this would not have happened without the vote of the population. Convinced of not being able to ever afford it, what with paying for hormone treatment therapy, this truly is a miracle for her. Having already designated her first choice beneficiary, the young musician celebrates the chance to transition and be herself upon surgery.

(This radio host obviously forgot to brush up on his Trans Etiquette 101: No offense, But that’s offensive.)

Via @ The Globe & Mail

Move Over Tegan & Sara

Lesbian twins are taking over the music world it seems. Okay, or not. However, a particular set of sapphic twins from New Zealand (!!!) have acquired increasing popularity. Not only are they known for their musical talent, but they manage to infuse comedy in their shows, pleasing the ears and the heart at the same time. The yodeling twins who’ve been around for years, have attracted numerous fans thanks to an upcoming documentary that opens July 29th, “The Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls”. I’d like to take this opportunity to warn you of the inaccurate use of the word, ‘girls’, just in case you were hoping for a Tegan & Sara type pair of twins.

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Montreal is that gay and that awesome that each summer we have not one, but TWO homogay festivals! Divers/Cité kicked off yesterday and will be in full swing until Sunday giving the Quebec queers a reason to dance till sunrise, sleep till sunset and appreciate the arts and music of our culture. But hey, when do we ever need a reason to do all of the above? Y’all can get to work hungover on a weekday sans being escorted home with a referral for Alcoholics Anonymous. But in all seriousness, aside from inevitable debauchery, Divers/Cité is offering an outdoor cinema, and DIVERSE musical entertainment such as Jazz to Rock and even Pop. And of course what’s any homogay festivity without a drag queen show?

Via @ Divers/Cité

Gay Games

On the other end of the country, fellow gays are also celebrating their own pride. The 2nd GLISA North America Outgames are being held in Vancouver, BC this week, attracting gaymos and lesbos from all over. A few of the sports listed are: volleyball, softball, poker, dance sport(!!!), and something called an Eco-Challenge, which I admit I know nothing about. However, what I do hear is, like Montreal Divers/Cité, the Outgames offer equal opportunity for shameless debauchery. Not only is it the Gaygames in Vancouver this week but it’s also Pride! Amongst the multiple sporting events that you can sign up for, partying and being proud is also an option. DJs will keep the party going, and your feet shufflin’ throughout the week. It all ends with a bang on Sunday 31st July, with the annual Pride Parade. Vancouver will be seeing a lot of rainbows this week, and not just in the sky.

And The Douchebaggery award goes to….

As it goes, having a heart, a brain and common sense does not qualify you to be a sane member of society. Anders Behring Breivik pleads not guilty to his charges of mass murder in Olso, Norway. A mass murderer definitely constitutes as being at least slightly deranged, but what makes this particular man a douche-bag is the case he wishes to present. Breivik insists that his intentions were pure and the purpose of his killing spree was to trigger a hate sentiment towards Muslims in Norway. He took at least 68 lives, as a result of his bombing and open fire attacks, but his plan kind of backfired because Europe has not rid the continent of Muslims yet. In fact they’re too busy trying to figure out how they fostered a human being as delusional as Breivik.

Via @ Huffington Post

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  1. The whole lutheran church thing is puzzling/fascinating to me and always has been. I grew up in the more conservative/homophobic/asswholey Lutheran Church Canada who also won’t even let women be pastors, so the chances of them allowing gays is more slim, obvy. I remember when this debate/split was happening about women’s ordination and the LCC being all,.. oh in the bible women can’t be priests. GAH.

    One of my most amazing professors from Div School was an evangelical lutheran pastor, and he was deeply involved in the ELC allowing same-sex ordination and marriage in the US which he said took like 15 years of talks. I was so confused because of the difference between the two lutheran churches and also the “evangelical” part of their denomination, and he took a lot of time to explain the theology behind their decision and it was really fascinating. Anyways,… all good news.

  2. Dallas

    I can’t stop looking at pictures of the New York Homo Newlywed Train! My eyes well up everytime I see a picture.!!!

    I am in Calgary and I have to say that this Breast Implant contest is still a major news story! At first I was horribly disgusted at the premise of a Boob Implant contest (and well if the outcome wasn’t as it was I probably still would be) I was thrilled that the general population but thier Boob loving to good use and awarded someone the gift of identity! Nice Work!!!!

  3. Nikki

    Ha! I think even if we don’t intend it, the douchebaggery award is inevitable. There are just too many idiots in the world :p

  4. Charlie

    Well done on the Topp Twins shout-out! I don’t care who you are, watching that film will make you laugh, cry, and fall in love with both of them. Fabulous girls.

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