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August 10, 2011

Obama Love, Korea’s L-Word, HIV Manhunt, Glee 3-D, Jeff’s a Jailbird.

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Written by: Dallas
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What have I learned this week? Well, apparently there is going to be a massive recession, similar to 2008. I am a writer who volunteers her life away, therefore I am poor. Recession, shemession, makes no difference to the lower class. I have also learned that I miss Jack Layton, I love my girlfriend, and I work too hard. Anyways, enough about me.

Obama Bans LGBT Human Rights Violators Entry Into U.S.

I don’t care what anyone says, President Obama is the best thing that has ever happened to the U.S. (well other than Pop-Tarts). The President that could seduce this gay girl with a wink and a smile just signed a bill proclaiming a ban on any immigrants entering the U.S. that have and Human Rights infringements, including those against the queer community.

“Immigrant and non-immigrant aliens who“planned, ordered, assisted, aided and abetted, committed or otherwise participated in, including through command responsibility, widespread or systematic violence against any civilian population based in whole or in part on race; color; descent; sex; disability; membership in an indigenous group; language; religion; political opinion; national origin; ethnicity; membership in a particular social group; birth; or sexual orientation or gender identity, or who attempted or conspired to do so” are suspended from entry into the United States.

Not bad Obama. Now if you could find a way to kick out Ann Coulter and Bill O’Reilly that would be alright too.

The L-Word, South Korea Style.

Some lady loving South Koreans are shaking up the lives and libidos of the television public. The Daughters of Club Bilitis premiered on August 7, immediately creating a backlash against the show and the station carrying it. The show follows three lesbian couples in their 50’s, 30’s, and teens as they navigate their lives. Apparently the viewing time of midnight did not disway the outbursts. “KBS needs to wake up from this illusion. This will negatively influence the youth… This drama is a crime against humanity,” said one nay-sayer on the show’s message board. A crime against humanity? Really? I think a crime against humanity would be to NOT have a show that represents at least 10% of South Korea’s population. Get used to it South Korea, I don’t think the queers are going anywhere.

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Edmonton’s Manhunt for an HIV Positive Minor

In a heroic turn of events, the Edmonton Police tracked down an individual inflicting unknowing victims with HIV.

This according to the Alberta media.

What really happened? A national manhunt was promoted through major Alberta television stations last week stating the following: “Officers are on the lookout for suspect accused of at least two cases of aggravated sexual assault.” The suspect was than described as a slim 17 year old girl with no fixed address. Her picture was paraded around the media like Osama Bin Laden on September 12, 2001.

Richard Elliott, Executive Director of the Canadian AIDS/HIV Legal Network had a few things to say about the story.

“This isn’t a bank robber, running around with a gun. But when it comes to HIV, there’s an immediate panic that sets in. People think there are these HIV predators out there on the loose.”

Perhaps the problem is below the surface. A 17 year old is living on the streets with HIV. If this is not bad enough, the three men accusing her of giving them the disease slept with her willingly, knowing full well that she was a minor living on the streets. Adding insult to injury, this girl was stripped of any human right possible by being publicized as a 17 year-old street person that had HIV. Her life will never be the same again. I am not saying that her HIV status should not have been stated, because I believe it should have been. What I am saying is that rather than putting all the blame on her and washing your hands of it, why are we not looking for the individual that gave her HIV? Why are we not looking at the fact that she is a minor living on the streets? Why are the three men not charged with having sex with a minor?

Via @ The Edmonton Journal

Glee goes 3-D!

Get ready Gleeks! Glee 3-D is almost at a theatre near you! Glee! The 3-D Movie follows the Glee cast at thier live concert in East Rutherford New Jersey. It depicts the concert and behind the scenes footage not yet seen by the public! I know, I know, I may sound a little too enthusiastic about this Razzie worthy film, but it is for good reason. This series showcases a significant missing demographic in the t.v. world. Queers! Us! Nerds! Me! In addition, AfterEllen’s #1 Hottest Celeb, and my personal vision of heaven, Naya Riveira (Santana) in 3-d! So get your to 3-D glasses out and enjoy the most nerdy gay-worthy event of the summer! It premiers on August 12.

Today’s Douchebag? Warren Jeffs gets Life Sentence

Perhaps the best story of the week, maybe even the year! Warren Jeffs, leader of the polygamist group the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has been sentenced to life in prison.

Jeffs, a self professed “President and Prophet, Seer and Revelator” was officially charged with aggravated sexual assault and sexual assault of a child. This following his multiple marriages and sex with minors from the age of 8.  Jeffs has argued that this is an attack on his followers and his faith. Prosecutors believed otherwise.

“This is not the prosecution to persecute a people, this is a prosecution to protect a people.”

Three cheers for getting rid of a ‘leader’ using faith as a means to rape and manipulate women and children. I sincerely hope that his 10,000 followers take a second to think about the conviction, and begin to heal healthily. This may be easier said than done.

Via @ CNN

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