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November 11, 2011

We Have Feelings About Seperation of Gay Penguins, Buddy and Pedro

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Written by: Nikki
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Homosexuality is found in over 450 species. Homophobia is found in only one. Which one seems unnatural now?

How many times have you scrolled past that image while wasting an ungodly amount of time on tumblr? Or maybe that’s just me, procrastination nation ya know. Well if hours of tumblr didn’t inform you of this fun fact, let me enlighten you. How often have you gone to read what’s hot off the gay-press only to be confronted by an unnecessarily obnoxious image of protesters, clad with pitchforks and torches. Big signs that scream disdain, and accusations of ‘un-naturalness’. In.yo.face motha f*cka! and yes I will click my fingers three times for effect.

Homosexual relations are extremely common among various beings of all origin. It turns out that this “lifestyle”, as it has often been deemed, seems to be a popular “choice” out there in the wilderness; and no I don’t mean that kind of wilderness, g*d damn get your head out of that bush. Same sex partnerships among animals are fairly common yet they are rarely brought to the attention of um like the rest of the world!?

When Toronto zoo bought African penguins Pedro and Buddy from Pittsburgh’s National Aviary, they expected them to mate with two females. Instead, despite being trailed by lovelorn lady penguins, they only had eyes for each other, engaging in what naturalists call “courtship behaviour”.

Unlike us human breed, African penguins are one of the many endangered species on our planet. Yes African penguins – it’s a thing and it’s a thing that’s almost not a thing. Let’s pout in unison upon hearing this sad fact. Earlier this year the Toronto Zoo bought 2 African penguins from Pittsburgh’s National Aviary and housed them with the intention of reproduction. The two male penguins, Pedro and Buddy were shuffled over to Toronto with the hope that they would interact with the she-penguins and then pounce on those sexy mamas. But it seems like Pedro and Buddy are more interested in pouncing their own kind if you know what I mean. Most importantly, Pedro and Buddy are interested in pouncing each other. (Cyoooot!!) So much pouncing!

In 2004, Roy and Silo, a pair of male chinstrap penguins at New York’s Central Park Zoo became famous for incubating and rearing an egg given to them by zookeepers.

The pair’s story was later written up into the bestselling children’s book, “And Tango Makes Three.”

Anyhow, that’s defs not what the Toronto Zoo folks had in mind when they moved the flightless birdies over to maple leaf land. So due to the necessity of carrying on the African penguin gene, the zoo will be separating the two lovers this week. There is no apprehension concerning the willingness of the she-penguins to mate, however they hope that isolating the male couple will open up the opportunity for breeding with their female company. This isn’t the first we’ve heard of gay penguins; it’s a thing and it’s probs not going anywhere. We’re gay and here to stay! And so are the penguins… so this kind of makes things confusing now doesn’t it? We want our flightless friends to stay alive and keep staying alive in the future… but if reproduction is minimal, there won’t be anymore flightless friends to be friends with!

However, sexuality is incredibly fluid among various penguin breeds and therefore nothing is set in stone. It’s common that one partner of the pair detaches himself and then proceeds to try and hook up with another penguin. Oooh but get this; his new interest is more than often a female penguin.

Roy and Silo eventually split when Silo became interested in a female penguin. In 2009, gay San Francisco Zoo penguins Harry and Pepper would similarly break up after Harry took up with a female penguin.

So it’s become a bit of an issue hasn’t it? We want the couple to be happy and remain in penguinal bliss but how long will their relationship last? Moreover, in leaving aside the issue of a potential act of unfaithfulness, the number question still remains… The African penguin count is diminishing rapidly so is this separation of the couple reasonable?

I have feelings guys! So many feelings. These things are so f*cking cute! Any thoughts on this matter? Aside from the fact that this is just adorable. Cause that’s a given. I won’t let you say otherwise kay?

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