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May 8, 2011

Not A Dry Seat in the House: A Night with Mother Mother

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Written by: Mel
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This past week, Mother Mother returned to their hometown of Vancouver to play two sold-out shows at the Vogue Theatre and the Commodore Ballroom in support of their latest effort, Eureka! It might seem excessive to put this kind of effort into attending a show we could have easily seen in Calgary, but (if you haven’t been) the Commodore Ballroom is quite possibly one of THE most kickass venues in this country – it’s beautiful, and well worth the trip. So, after 15 hours of tiring travel and handing over exorbitant amounts of our hard-earned cash for scalped tickets, we arrived, ready to get a little greasy and have our worlds rocked.

First up was Rococode, a local act whose debut release is being produced in part by Ryan Guldemond of Mother Mother. And, you know what? They were…okay. Not really good, definitely not great. Just – okay.

They are self-described as “an unfamiliar band made up of familiar faces.” The familiar faces part they have correct – with members pulled from Tegan and Sara, we’ve seen a couple of them before. The unfamiliar band part gets me a little – I certainly hope they’re not implying their sound is in any way original, as it is pulling some serious influence from Mother Mother themselves, as well as some pages out of the Arcade Fire’s book (making me question the origins of the group’s name).

I think my biggest complaint about this band was their harmonies. As far as being technically correct, they nailed them. But the combination of Smith and Braun’s vocals grated on my nerves in a really bad way. Some of their songs were really rad, with solid grooves and sexy-as-hell dynamics – they seemed to have a great feel for knowing just when to pull back and just when to go full force with piles of synth-heavy goodness.

Speaking of sexy-as-hell – that about sums up this band. What they lack in musical prowess they certainly make up for in the looks department. Especially Laura Smith – tiny and cute but also incredibly foxy. A few times during their set it seemed like they were almost “there”, but never quite crushed it, and the crowd never seemed to really get into their set. I actually saw several people yawn. The most telling part of this for me is that I had TIME TO TAKE NOTES about this band. Yikes. If I have time to fill my notes app with a review of your set, it doesn’t look good.

Okay. So on to bigger and better things – the talented, the dynamic, the eccentric, the inventive and very easily THE sexiest five people to grace a stage – Mother Mother. (Really though, this band is chalk-full of beautiful cheekbones and just oozing sexy awesomeness). More on that later. But, you know when a song is just so good you want to listen to it on repeat until you puke, or a band is so incredible you’d pay anything for them to just never stop playing? That’s Mother Mother.

By the time they took the stage most of the venue was trying to crush to the front for a better view, myself included. Something about a show like this brings out the concert-going animal inside of me. I made some poor wardrobe decisions for this show, resulting in my needing to make friends with a large fellow named Eddy who created a fortress around me whenever I broke a sandal or needed to snap a photo – (Thanks Eddy!!!)

MM kicked off their set with a supercharged version of Hayloft which made the crowd go completely nuts, followed by the impossible-not-to-groove-to Baby Don’t Dance off of their latest release. From there it was mostly uphill, filled with witty banter between songs, and just as often no breaks in songs at all which kept the party raging. It was clear that a lot of the crowd was only familiar with the first half of Eureka! based on some definite lulls in the set when they rolled out something from later on in that record, but they always recovered with another one of their seemingly endless string of hits.

I can think of very little to say about this band that isn’t dripping with praise – a solid band from studio to stage. Every intricate harmony and brilliantly clever lyric is delivered with the exact precision you [right_image link=””]http://thegaily.ca/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/mm.jpg[/right_image]would expect from musicians of this calibre, jam-packed with so much energy and dripping with so much sexiness it’s almost hard to handle. A definite highlight of the night was when two moderately intoxicated gals wandered onto the stage during MM’s set in what appeared to be an attempt to crowd surf – sadly I was unable to snap a photo of this as I had the great pleasure of catching this hot mess and had to put my camera away.

All in all, Mother Mother absolutely killed this show with their amazing music and infectious energy, leaving me buzzing with excitement long after the show had ended. Best part? I was WAY too busy dancing my face off to even think about writing myself reminders about what to blog – take note Rococode.


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  1. Ummmm I officially love Mother Mother and will go download their album because this review is SO FUCKING SEXY!!!

  2. Sammy

    This is one awesome review. The writer is clearly brilliant and knows her shit. Please write another review again. I love the fact that you said sexy 20 times. You rock.

  3. Ty

    I know right.. I want the album too!

    Rock on, Mel!

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