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September 30, 2011

A vote for a JUST DON’T F*CKING KILL YOUR DAUGHTER political/justice system

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Written by: Nikki
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It’s time to take a step back and be grateful that we live in a country where the appropriate response to a sexual assault is not beheading the victim. Or whatever it is they do these days. I mean who even does that anymore? Not Pakistan. No, Pakistan thinks that burying daughters alive is more effective.

This makes me so mad I can’t… even… Not just the fact that a “legal” system would even encourage this sort of behavior, but also the fact that we do live in a country where this can’t happen. How unfair is it that a simple notion of JUST DON’T F*CKING KILL YOUR DAUGHTER can’t be applied universally?

Here’s the deets: In 2007, Kainat Soomro, a 13 year old at the time was kidnapped and gang-raped in a remote village in rural Pakistan. For four days she was beaten, which put her in a state of unconsciousness and then she was raped periodically by four men. Luckily, she managed to escape and came out brave enough to inform the officials about what she had just experienced. Unluckily, the officials were all heartless and seemed to have no moral conscience. Her claims were rejected and no one took her seriously until she got a court order. It still took almost three years for her case to be heard, during which time Kainat lobbied government ministers, the country’s chief justice and staged a hunger strike. 

The simple concept of FOLLOW WHAT THEY DO ON CSI AND ORDER A DAMN RAPE KIT clearly didn’t occur to them at the time. It’s like,  ‘let’s say she’s a liar and without checking for evidence, send her off because we are incompetent human beings’.

Sadly, (and also obviously since I am writing this) the local courts ruled against Kainat… “There is no corroborative evidence available on record. The sole testimony of the alleged rape survivor is not sufficient,” the judge said in a written decision.

Oh. Now “evidence” is important. Thanks for that information only what like a few years too late. However, Kainat isn’t giving up! She insists on taking the case to the supreme court.

I wish this was it. The whole story. But it’s not.

According to the tribe, Kainat ‘allowed’ herself to be brutally raped, and should therefore be punished for having lost her virginity before marriage.

In Pakistan, women and men who have illicit relationships or women who lose their virginity before marriage are at risk of paying with their lives.

“These are matters of honor and the leaders call a jirga and they declare that the woman or the couple should be killed,” said Abdul Hai, a veteran field officer for the Human Rights Commission in Pakistan. These acts of violence are most commonly labeled as “honor killings.”

Thank god Kainat’s family got the basic concept of ‘JUST DON’T F*CKING KILL YOUR DAUGHTER’ throughout the ordeal. That’s why she’s still alive, and luckily too. Kainat and her family have been attacked on multiple occasions and she lost her brother just last year which could or could not have been related to this matter. Just last Thursday, her brother and father were beaten with iron rods and still Kainat refuses to recant.

Despite the trauma she’s been through, this girl ain’t giving up. It takes a lot of courage to stand up against basically everybody and give them a ‘f*ck you, i’mma fight for justice’. You go girl., whatsonningbo &

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