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October 15, 2012

Turning #thirty.. What I’ve Learned and the Things You Should Know

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Written by: Ty
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Editor’s Note: I was inspired after last year’s pretty awful Glamourist article Turning 30: 30 Things Every Woman Should Have And Should Know and this much better response: The Real 30 Things Women/Womyn Should Have And Show Know Before Turning 30, to somehow talk on The Gaily about turning 30. Our group of friends is nearing or has passed this milestone, and it consumes a lot of our conversations as well as our silent inner (tormented!) thoughts. So, when Ty approached me about this piece, I was really excited. We would love to extend the invitation to YOU to also talk about what it means to be 30. Have a list? A story? Some thoughts. Write to us at and let’s get you published!

I recently turned #thirty and so feel incredibly more wise (lies!). So wise in fact that RRSP has become an actual acronym of my vocabulary. So, I have come up with some newish rules that reflect this new found maturity.

Let’s face it, you are #thirty (or more) now and it’s time to get real.

Always have a bottle of champagne in the fridge

First, you look really put together when your friends visit. Also, you never know when you will have a “special occasion” to celebrate. Whether it be a new job, a promotion, or a breakup ;). I’ve also found it super beneficial to have that last minute party gift when you totally forget to get something.

Buy RRSPs – They will actually save your life

Let’s face it. By thirty, with little or no student tax credits left, you will be screwed by tax time. Luckily you were smart enough to be putting away your RRSP contributions each pay. These will save you hard earned cash.. and be available when you want to buy your first place. What does this mean?

Brown Bag It

Ok, so your co-workers love to eat lunch out.. and you love going out with them. Let’s do some quick math here: $10-$15 dollar lunches 5 days a week is roughly $50-$75 dollars in lunches per week alone. Times that by 48 work weeks and you could be saving about $2400-$3600 per year. No one needs a fancy lunch.. save up and do something amazing with your money.. You’ll never remember that fantastic salad you had at lunch anyways.

Eat In, love in.

Remember all those romantic comedies you’ve seen where the couple actually stayed in and cooked for each other? It isn’t so far from the truth.. Staying in and making a crazy-good meal together has always been my favourite thing to do.  More time for snuggling, too.

Offer to babysit your friends’ kid(s)

It may be a day of absolute torture OR a silly walk in the park but I do know it can help a friend tremendously. I recently took my bestie’s son for a Saturday afternoon hike with him on my back. He’s really the best kid.. and she was able to get tons done with a small break. Changing, feeding and caring for a 2 year old is a lot of work but so well worth it.

Always dress for success

I think we’ve all had a day where we went to the grocery store in our jammies only to bump into an ex-boss or worse yet, the “EX”.

Golden Rule: Always look put together even when you feel anything but. You never know when you will bump into a friend of a friend who might possibly have a new contract and position available for you (it happens!). Even your friends judge you on how you look.. be ready for anything!

Join a seminar or share a skill (present if you can!)

We can always lean something new. We should be open to new experiences and should offer to teach someone else something worthwhile. This spring I will be offering a FREE course on vermicomposting. Something I have been doing for years. Stay tuned-  (Share your wisdom on The Gaily by becoming a contributor!)    


Love yourself and your accomplishments… be proud of what you’ve done so far

I took this from my bestie Tracy.. She says, “If you haven’t done most of the things you set out to do, get on it. Life isn’t going to wait for you.” When she turned #thirty she got her driver’s license, went to Europe and moved to another town for work. All things she felt were necessary at that time in her life. You go girl!

Start a 10% account.

Ok, I realize a lot of these are financially motivated. BUT, you’re #thirty now.. It’s time to get real.
Open an account that is preferably not connected to a debit card and set up an automatic deposit on your pay days. This is your 10% account.. it won’t make you rich but it will save you when you get fired, will be a huge factor on your credit, and will ensure you build wealth in your life rather than living pay cheque to pay cheque with nothing to show for it. I enjoy my ING Direct no fee account. (Use my Orange key for a new account and get $25 bucks! – Orange Key 15805825S1)

Finally, live BIG.

Have a goal that you haven’t yet realized? What are you waiting for?

Let’s do this exercise together:

Get out a measuring tape and pull out 100 centimetres. Decide from 1 to 100 on when you THINK you will die and mark it.. I know this sounds awful.. but it’s an exercise that’s well worth it. Ok, so somewhere around 85 right? Well, on average, most men in Canada die at 80. Now, mark a line at 30. You can now see how much time you have left.. Did you mark 85? If so, you have 55 years left to complete everything that you wanted to. Not much time right? So get on it.. and live the life you want to live, now. (Oprah hug!)

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  1. I feel like my dad would be down with this. Did he actually write this Ty? How did he get to you?

  2. Ty

    Lol.. he actually kinda did :)!

  3. Jennifer Morris-Snook

    I enjoyed reading this! Keep it up! :)

  4. The Indignities by Graeme Aitken – it has the same image for the book cover as your article and is all about the indignities of turning 30!

  5. Caitlin

    Ty! Really great article – it seems to cover all bases and brings some things to mind that a lot of 30 something’s probably haven’t thought about ie. babysitting! Really great idea! I have passed this off to some of my 30 something friends and they really enjoyed it!

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