June 8, 2011

Summer Fashions for Boy-Identified Humans

summer boys

Though we at The Gaily try to avoid categorizing people as often as we can, it seems evident to me that there are two distinct types of men: ones that can’t wait for the warm weather to arrive so they can wear their tank tops and shorts with reckless abandon, and those who long for the cold front to set in so they can layer up. No matter which group you belong to (hint: the first is obviously better), here are 5 simple style tips to help you upgrade your summer wardrobe and keep you looking on trend all the way until the turning of the leaves.

Shirt + Tank


We’ve seen denim shirts come back in full force over the past few seasons. For a more summer friendly yet equally appealing option, I recommend you opt for a less dense cotton such as this indigo Wings + Horns oxford shirt. The accompanying grey BDG tank would also be a good option to layer under with for a more versatile overall look. Also known as an easy way to avoid having to run home and change should your friends drag you to a club after a day full of summer shenanigans.





Though those sweltering summer days will make us all want to roam the streets in some seriously short shorts, let’s be honest here, not all of us should (myself definitely included). A great alternative to those seeking something more breathable than a pair of jeans would be these chinos by H&M or WINGS + HORNS. With a tapered leg and an overall slim fit, I strongly recommend you roll them up and pair them with your favorite loafers or boat shoes for a look that’s both casual yet subtly sophisticated.




The arrival of summer means a lot of things to a lot of people, most exciting is the ability to be one with nature in the great outdoors. Either to get ridiculously drunk at an afternoon picnic with friends (while casually checking Grindr) or to take matters into your own hands and riding your bike all over the city, a durable yet sophisticated rucksack such as this canvas option by Makr Carry Goods will be your best friend and chicest accessory.


Boat shoes

If you’re going to adopt any of my recommendations from this list, let it be a pair of boat shoes. Though nautical has been around for a little while now, a pair of Sperry’s (or anything similar) is still the easiest way to make any guy look like he firmly belongs on the gorgeous Mediterranean sea in the prime days of yachting season and not a sweltering concrete jungle.



Whether to shield you from the sun or to discreetly check guys out, no summer outfit is complete without a pair of shades. Many styles have come and gone but none have remained as resilient, and universally flattering, as a pair of aviators. This pair of Ray-Ban’s with a metal frame transfer exceptionally well from busy weekdays to lazy weekends.

Should you feel a tad more adventurous this summer, the round Illesteva frames sold at Opening Ceremony are a great way to add a nostalgic twist to a summer look while still looking classic enough for you to know that you’re investing in a pair that will remain in style for more than just a few short seasons.


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