June 8, 2011

Nikki’s Picks: Summer Fashions for Girl-Identified Humans

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Written by: Nikki
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Nikkis Picks

Alright ladies, you’ve been told time and time again that coming out of your closet will be the best thing that you will ever do for yourself. But I’m now asking you to take a few steps back; open up the doors to that closet of yours and take a good look. Because summer is here and y’all need to make sure your closet is full of the trends that 2011 has dragged onto the beach.

There are two big things in fashion this year. Are you ready for it? Are you really?!?
(not necessarily together)

Of course it’s certain that these summer trends will not suit all lady lovin gals, so there are always alternatives for those of you who prefer to stick to the solid colors. Fear not! This fashionista won’t let you walk around wearing fashions from the four hundreds… unless of course its in style and antique attire does seem to be a thing these days.


Loose Tank

What with the heat waves that have been hovering through Montreal these days, the hoodies and the leather jackets need to go back into the closet for the next few weeks. An item of clothing that we tend to wear all year long is the classic v-neck tee shirt. You know, the one that you probably own in six shades of white? Don’t worry, I think I own doubles of each shade of white. Now that the sweaters are off, you’ll probably be showing them more often than not. To change it up a bit, and to abide by what’s available in stores, I would suggest the loose tank as an alternative. It works for almost everybody. Like I said, flowers and lace are a THING and they’re all up in Forever21’s business… literally.


The Jean Jive

Jeans. I LOVE jeans. I live in my jeans… and for that I get teased by my girlfriend every. single. day. If you’re like me and sport jeans all year round, a great way to incorporate that into the summer feel is by wearing a lighter shade of denim. Here are some jeans that might pique your interest.

(PS. The boyfriend jean that should really be the girlfriend jean.)

If you still love denim but prefer to put some color to your calves, shorts are also and always an option. Because cut-offs, Bermudas and booty shorts scream summer, the color doesn’t matter. Usually if you have a darker denim, it’s easier ‘dressing it up’ to go out.

If you run from denim during the sweltering heat, dresses are the way to go. This year, it’s all about…


Maxi Dresses

To be honest, I myself had an eyebrow raised when I first started seeing girls rock out the Maxis. But it’s a thing and it’s a thing that’s becoming more and more popular. Flower print Maxi Dresses are a win; I mean who says no to two trends in one item of clothing? Another good look for this style of dress is the classic bohemian look. A long white flowy dress with a cute pair of sandals does the trick. Like this one right here:


An alternative to Maxi Dresses are shirt dresses and denim shirt dresses. They can be worn with sandals or sneakers, each style giving a different look – classy or comfy, either way it’s cute!



Shoes shoes shoes!

Speaking of accessorizing with cute footwear, athenian sandals are still around and it looks like they’re here to stay for the season. But this year the style is moving away from knee-high gladiators and more towards simplistic straps. Gold sandals go great with the denim shorts, the skinny jeans, and the white dress – they’re versatile, summery and not overly glam. They’re just kind of perfect. Aldo knows just how perfect they are; see, they’ve got a few pairs just for you!

Another popular trend with footwear this year, are loafers. Classic fabric loafers are great with anything except maxi dresses and so are leather moccasins. They give the same type of look but with a different edge and they’re super comfortable- which is essential for summer. That way, you stay cool while you’re riding a f*cking bike or taking a stroll downtown, rocking out your snazzy summer outfit.


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  1. Dallas

    i have decided that the only things I like out of this year’s fashion trends is loose tanks and loafers. Every year all I like is loose tanks and loafers. And cut off jeans, but not too short. And hoodies. K, I am done. And.. I am obviously a lesbian.

  2. I am happily rocking all of these things this summer, but I have yet to find me some good gladiators. Love these simple metallic ones, but I can never find ones that fit over my bridge. Boo. Ummm and I want those shorts. And I don’t even like jeans.

  3. Nikki

    Have you tried Aldo for the gladiators? And I KNOW RIGHT those shorts are adorable, even I might have to ditch the usual jeans and show off a bit of leg!

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