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June 8, 2012

How To: DIY Cut Offs

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Written by: Kyle
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How many of us have 10 pairs of jeans and we only wear maybe three of them? The rest just sit in the closet like Tom Cruise and never, ever make it out. I have a solution, that will save you money this summer and having you looking like a sexy hipster-dude in no time at all.

This is what you are going to need:

+ Jeans
+ Scissors


+ cut jeans just below the knee ( roll up )
+ cut jeans above the knee (no need to roll)

There! Hot, stylish, sexy hipster jean shorts. The more fray, the more play (you’ll get).

Finish with these options:

+ a deep lunging tank or side-slit cut off muscle shirt (I’m really into thick chains like these this year. Forget the mall! Head to Homo Depot (Home Depot) and get a length of thick chain.)

+ faux ray-bans from the dollar store

+ don’t forget the plaid and flannel (cut off sleeves, if you want)

+ boat shoes, boat shoes, boat shoes! (no socks!)

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  1. “The rest just sit in the closet like Tom Cruise and never, ever make it out.” – Best line ever!

    Also, I feel like all of these suggestions would work really well for girls too.

  2. Ty

    LOL. homo depot!

    I actually remember buying all my ‘skater’ (yeah, don’t laugh) chains at homo depot.

    Cutting jeans as I type!

  3. Danik

    Every time I start hating on a pair of jeans they get the scissor slizzer…now i have like 25 pairs of cut off shorts and not nearly enough pairs of jeans! :-O

    @Erika this is why 60% of `guys` i check out end up being lesbians!

  4. I was about to say that Danik DOES rock the cut off, but really? Danik rocks all of these elements actually.

  5. PPS. Those shoes are so hot.

  6. Nikki

    Oh my, I love this. I just made my very own cut offs yesterday! Except I ended up putting the sewing machine to use and hemming them too. It’s SUCH a pain in the ass, I suggest leaving em ripped and fraying at the bottom.

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