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September 20, 2012

So You Wanna Get Strapped? The Gaily’s Strappy Shopping Guide

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Written by: Team Gaily
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Buying and using a strap-on may feel a little out of place at first. I mean, as a woman wearing one for example, you may feel like, “well ok, so here’s this dick in front of me, slightly attached and I’m going to be in charge of plugging and playing with it…” And if you’re a dude wearing one, it may conjure up feelings of inadequacy. But let’s face it, strap-ons are cool and fun for everyone! So let’s put you these unsure feelings aside and explore, shall we?

Strap-ons are great for lesbian couples, straight couples, men who suffer from erectile dysfunction and men not quite packing the punch that their partner needs. See, everyone really can play! Dan Savage, a popular sex columnist, even penned a term for when women use strap ons with men. He so affectionately called it, “pegging.”

But whether you’re comfortable with the idea or you’re not, you may not know what kind of strap-on to get, so we’ve outlined a brief strappy shopping guide for you.

If you’re a woman using it on a man or a woman, you should look for strap ons that have vibrator plugs or clitoral stimulators included. This way you can both get off while you peg til your heart’s content.And as an added bonus, a lot of times the vibrator plugs can be used either vaginally or anally, so you’ve got options!

If you’re a man or woman that is looking to keep things fresh and/or large/small depending on the day, you should look into strap-on harnesses that have O-rings. The O-ring will allow you to switch out your toys. You can go from standard dildos to vibrators, from anal plugs to 14 inch dongs. Whatever strikes your fancy! Don’t limit yourself to one when you can have them all.

If you’re a man who suffers from E.D., a strap on is a great tool for you. While you may not have thought of it at first, it’s a great way to still give your partner the pleasure they want and be a part of the process. If this speaks to you, I recommend that you get a hollowed out strap-on. This way, you can place yourself inside of it and you’ll have room to grow. While it will not feel the same for you, you’ll still feel like you’re in the game.

You should also be aware of the straps that you’re buying. You should look for a padded or cushioned strap if you have sensitive skin or simply want to be comfortable while pounding away. You should also look for strap-ons that wrap around the legs vs. being worn in a thong-like fashion. This way both partners can be stimulated from any angle they choose. And as always, be cognizant of the materials in your toys. We don’t recommend cheaping out and buying the strap-on that is made of non-medical grade silicone, jelly or soft plastic. Check to make sure that is phthalate-free, otherwise you put you and your partner at risk.

If you’re looking to get strapalicious, head over to, where you can find so many strap-ons your head will…but in a good way. Happy hunting.


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