April 6, 2012

Music Video Vendredi – ARTSIDA4 Edition ‘Robert de la Gauthier’

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Written by: Erika
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This music video vendredi is a little different. You might know already that we are very excited about Saturday’s fundraiser ‘ARTSIDA4’ which benefits AIDS Community Care Montreal, a local and long-standing AIDS service organization in Montreal. We  have been planning our outfits for weeks, and unfortunately for YOU, the event is entirely sold out.

(The Gaily was at the opening vernissage on March 24th – check out the pics from our new favourite gay photographer Allison Slattery here. HIRE HER!)


What isn’t sold out yet however is the ARTSIDA4 After-Party a “high-trash low class” queer takeover of the Musee d’art contemporain in Place des Arts. Let’s be clear that you will probably never have an opportunity like this again in your life. Especially for $8 piddly dollars! And for a great cause.

How can I lure you more? In charge of the music are legendary Montreal DJs Francois Guimond (Mec Plus Ultra) and Robert de la Gauthier (!!!!!!).

Check out 2b magazine’s ARTSIDA4 interview with Robert de la Gauthier here and listen to/watch the video below to get yourself super excited about dancing in the main hall of the Musee d’art contemporain TOMORROW night! You can still get pre-sale tickets until tomorrow at 5 PM online at, otherwise they will be available at the door for $10.

Saturday April 7
Musée d’Art Contemporain de Montréal
185 Ste. Catherine W.
10pm – 2am
$8 in advance
$10 at the door

You still have a chance of winning a free ticket by posting a music video on the event’s wall before 5 PM TODAY. Go!

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  1. Rachelle

    FUN!!!! Can’t wait until tomorrow.!Outfit already picked out from top to bottom :)

  2. Rachelle

    PS. This video is so retro! LOL

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