August 19, 2011

Music Video Vendredi: Lady Gaga’s Video ‘Yoü And I’

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Written by: Rachelle
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My opinion: HAWWWWT!!!!!!!

RollingStone’s opinion:

“Though the last two videos from Born This Way “The Edge of Glory” and “Judas” – were fairly disappointing, “Yoü and I” is a return to form that throws roughly eight million visual ideas at the viewer.

At least a handful of Mother Monster’s looks in the video are instantly iconic – Gaga in young Bob Dylan-ish drag, the official debut of the singer’s mermaid alter-ego Yuyi, the shot of the Cher-like dancers grinding away in a barn. Just as the song filters country and rock sounds through the filter of Gaga’s oddball disco queen aesthetic, the best moments of the video put a distinctly Gaga-ish spin on the iconography of Americana and traditional love stories.”


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  1. Ty

    Dear I say it? I’m kinda over Gaga..

    Her lyrics get stuck in my head though.. and I’ll admit, I shower dance to Adele more than her. :/

    *don’t hate me.

  2. kaslogal

    Gag gag-Never a fan never will be a fan. I do admire her for the marketing machine that she is but it stops there.

    Great write GC! xox

  3. Émilie

    Gaga + Country music = one of the most annoying song ever! Usually I like Gaga’s music, but this time sorry but I really DON’T like it!

    • Really?? That is what I LOVE about it! I love that it is so country. But I am a country music lover. I often can’t handle the messages of country music though, so I love this. I love music that embraces the sound of country but is different. love love love.

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