April 20, 2012

Music Video Vendredi – Yukon Blonde’s ‘Stairway’

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Written by: Mel
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Hello music lovers!

Up this week is the latest from Vancouver-based indie rockers Yukon Blonde, off of their recent release, Tiger Talk. These guys pretty much kick ass – catchy, fun and upbeat tunes that are sure to brighten up this dreary Friday morning! Beware though – your inner hipster might be found trying to escape the confines of your otherwise well-dressed self to sneak a trip to American Apparel for a wardrobe makeover. (Okay – maybe that was just MY inner hipster – but you can’t deny the beauty of that denim jacket, you just can’t).

I give this video 4/5 vintage dustbusters.

But wait! There’s more! Here is a note from Yukon Blonde!

“Our new video for Stairway directed and shot by two of our favourite Toronto artists: Joy Broadbent (director) and shot by Justin Broadbent, features Brandon in a dream like state, remembering and longing for all the wonderfully mundane things you do at home like cleaning or washing dishes. In the dream he also finds these ‘apparitions’ which seem to be memories of people and places he misses from home, from which he feels slightly detached from being away so long, and yet he can always return and connect with them in the end. Or something like that. It’s up to anyone’s interpretation. What do you think?”

Have a great weekend!


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    i love me some good electro guitar.. slash sound boxing!

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