October 22, 2012

The Live Blog & Open Thread: The Final Presidential Debate of 2012

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Written by: Nikki
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President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney will take the stage in the third and final presidential debate this evening at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida. The debate runs from 9:00-10:30 p.m. Eastern Time, but you can start the conversation earlier by joining our presidential debate live blogger Nikki here around 8:30.

Send tweets and comments to Nikki (@NikkiS99) or The Gaily (@TheGaily) on twitter or join the open thread below. She’ll be posting the best comments here!

8.34pm: Janet Brown is welcoming us and thanking folks: no exciting brawl happening yet. Though I’m quite intrigued to see what other binders Romney has had stacked up in his office. Today we’re all about foreign policy…

How many times will the two candidates bring these questions back to the big “E”… economy?

Does Romney know as much as he thinks he does, about Libya?

McCurry is advising the audience not to harrumph. For all of you who don’t know what that means, it means “clearing of the throat loudly”

8.42pm: Frank Fahrenkopf talking about… beer?

8.59pm: ONE MINUTE TO GO! Also think Ann Romney has copied Michelle Obama’s dress style

I mean seriously, what happened to Ann Romney’s collared dresses? She’s totes trying to win the public with the modest crew neck dress. Someone needs to tell her, it won’t make her the first lady. I hope.

9.03pm: Dun dun dun Controversy over Libya.

Romney mentions women during his starting words on Foreign policy. I think this is to cover up his ass for the binder comment.


Uhm did he just say that we can’t kill our way through to solving the terrorism problem? Wasn’t he the same guy to say that pulling back the troops from Iraq, was Obama’s biggest mistake? What does he think the troops were doing there? Having halal barbeques on the streets?



No cheese please

9.33pm: Annnnnnd the ECONOMY is back in the debate game

Tell me please what Romney’s 5 pt plan has anything to do with Foreign Policy (the actual topic of this debate)…

Haha Bob Schieffer finally says let’s bring it back to Foreign Policy


I totes agree with this

What are we doing here!? Talking about the 80s, the 50s, is the next president going to invest in a time machine?


9.55pm: I wish I could find a way to put a screenshot of the TV in this live-blogging… Obama is basically laughing at what Romney is saying. Why? Because of this…

The Girlfriend’s input: 

Has Romney said anything yet? That was dumb? Oh wait… everything Romney says is dumb

“He” being Romney of course…


Romney also just argued with the moderator (Schieffer) about what he can and cannot say in asking questions. Seriously?

Shots shots shots shots shots! Just sayin I was born there #Pakistan
Romney doesn’t want a divorce from Pakistan but I can’t say the feeling is mutual.




10.25pm: Five more minutes left!

Obama speaks truth right here…

Governor Romney, you keep trying to airbrush history

10.30pm: Closing statements!


Let’s end with a lovely song here from awesome kids that know what they’re talking about

The power is yours today!


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  1. Show me the dresses!!

  2. Nikki

    There! Do you see it? Maybe it’s just me haha but I think they look awfully similar from the waist up!

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