October 23, 2012

Tegan & Sara Are Ready To Dance: ‘Closer’ and ‘I’m Not Your Hero’ VIDEOS

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Written by: Caitlin
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Any chance to write about these two – I’ll take it.

My listening relationship with Tegan and Sara began along with the insatiable need that teenage girls have for empowering emotional girl voices on constant loop on their iPods and in their heads.

In high school experience, Tegan and Sara were my go-to for those, “why hasn’t he called me back” moments, and made constant appearances in the soundtrack that defined my life from 2004-2008. In more recent years they have remained top of my list but no longer for reasons that revolve around teen angst.

With the upcoming January 2013 release of their new album, ‘Heartthrob’, the duo has played a handful of songs from their new album for their live audiences while simultaneously releasing a couple of tracks on their site starting with, ‘Closer’ and now ‘I’m Not Your Hero’.

The album’s single, ‘Closer’, which was released in September has a definite dance-y, catchy, pop sound to it, almost a response to their song ‘Not Tonight’ from back in the day. The lyrics /let’s make things physical/ provide a contrast to the earlier jam that urged, /everything in my body says not tonight/, and /everything in my body says no/. This time around Tegan and Sara are ready to make things physical in a very specific way: they’re ready to dance!

Released over the weekend, ‘I’m Not Your Hero’, presents an 80’s pop-synth sound. It speaks to the quintessential tale of love and loss, and moving forward: /I never used to feel like I’d be standing so far ahead/. Well now, four years later, Tegan and Sara are getting at me once again, this time after a much less melodramatic breakup, that requires dance party, after dance party to get over.

I encourage you all to get down to these new tracks! Happy dancing!


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A 21 year old Montreal student of English Lit & Sexuality. An agenda that includes school, fashion, writing, sex, eating, coffee drinking, cocktail consumption, laughing, hanging out and anything else that comes my way. A firm believer in the saying, "everything happens for a reason" and a religious follower of Astrology (more specifically, 'Sextrology').



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  1. For me, it wasn’t so much teen angst years as it was ‘read-everything-about-every-lesbian-EVER’ years. :)

  2. Andrew

    caitlin @ the gaily!? what?!?! amazing. <3 gonna dance around my living room instead of studying :)

  3. Saturn


    Oddly, it was during my semi-bookworm phase that I discovered Tegan and Sara.
    Sara was a panelist in 2011’s Canada Reads debates, advocating for Jeff Lemire’s graphic novel Essex County.

    Loved the book, and now lovin’ their music more! Awesome post, Caitlin!

    – SAT.

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