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July 10, 2011

Editor’s Pick: DIY-Addiction To “Remodel This House”

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Written by: Erika
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I have a confession. I am addicted to DIY projects, remodelling shows, websites, and blogs. I wasted my entire first year of university watching TLC religiously. I have never really had the space or time to do a lot of DIY stuff, but I grew up with a Dad who lives for making things out of junk – he once made me a bus stop out of the cabin of a tractor – so he was always a real inspiration and I picked up a few things a long the way.

Well my girlfriend and I recently moved into a oh em gee gorgeous plateau apartment and I have found myself with a) free cable (TLC!!!), b) a little free time (ohhh underemployment), c) a little more room in my apartment to tackle some crafts, and d) random items strewn in alleys and streets from moving season. I recently picked up a gorgeous little black table that is waiting to be fixed up and put in my foyer.

So yes, I LOVE CRAFTS. The Gaily LOVES DIY.  I like sewing, knitting, glueing, and painting. Who knew? Remember this?

Yesterday I found this blog called “Remodel This House … One Outdated/Ugly Thing at a Time” written by a young couple from Arkansas – with whom I don’t share a lot of taste preferences – but who are kind of inspiring DIYers. I am ready to do some projects now. I might pick different fabrics, but this girl knows how to remodel ANYTHING on the CHEAP CHEAP (usually under $10). My kinda girl.

My personal favourite is this repurposed suitcase to dog bed. OH EM GEE. Cost? $5.50

I also love, LOVE her lamp makeovers like this one. I also love to repaint wood and have wanted to try to reupholster seats or stools, so I was inspired by this one. She also has a fantastic and cheap mod podgy recipe for like $.50.

I am ready to get DIY-ing.

Have any favourite DIY sites I should check out?


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  1. Diane

    No kidding she has ma tante tastes in fabrics. And the dog…..

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