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April 20, 2011

Facebook Ext. For Chrome.. YES YOU CAN!

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Written by: Ty
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When I first saw the new Google Chrome Facebook extension (version 2.0.9), my face lit up like a school girl on her sweet 16.

What do you mean I can receive my fb notifications without checking out my actual Facebook page? Well sister, now you can. YES YOU CAN!


This extension already has 340,000+ users and it’s genius. Sure, there are some bugs which still need a bit of work but this app is very handy for those of us living the ‘online lifestyle’. I often have so many browser windows opened on my dual monitors that I don’t know where to look for my fb page. This will surely help this brother out.

Check it out, all your notifications in any of your trillion browser windows (without having Facebook open).

Google Chrome Extension

Facebook fan page

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