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October 6, 2011

How Steve Jobs Empowered a Generation

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I was in the trenches when D&D and comics were still wedgie-worthy and sci-fi was light-years from trendy. The past decade has seen the advent of the geek, from social misfit and misanthrope in the eyes of mainstream folk, to sexily shy gatekeepers of an arcane world of technology and acronymic web lingo.

While so many modern geeks serve as interpreters for their techno-phobic family and friends, Steve Jobs did so on a massive, global scale, empowering millions of people who otherwise would never have engaged technology to the same degree.

Steve Jobs was indeed visionary and prolific, but his greatest gift to the world was not merely gadgetry and tech, but empowerment – the empowering of everyday people to do and experience things they never imagined possible.

Apple Lisa
The Apple Lisa, 1983

Truly, it’s been this way all along. He brought the first graphical user interface home computer, the Apple Lisa,  to market in 1983. Innovation continued as we climbed the technology tree at an increasingly rapid clip. The symbiotic relationship of innovation and technology is recursively meta in the sense that as technology advances, our capacity to further innovate also increases and the gaps between breakthroughs becomes smaller. Today, that sense of acceleration is palpable. A layperson has the ability to perform technical and creative tasks once fit only for the pros. We are now accustomed to carrying around our music, books, movies, TV shows and photos all on a single device that we control with the swipe of a fingertip.

When someone dies, we cherish what they left behind. Steve’s passing is unique in that he has left things not only in the past, but in the future as well. The culture of limitless creativity that he fostered will only expand as those he inspired free their minds and a new generation of dedicated thinkers start bringing their dreams to fruition.

As amazing as it has been to witness Steve’s innovations as they occurred over the past 30 years, only a generation from now, with retrospective historical context, will the breadth of his genius and contribution be clear.

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[Geekdom contributor] Steve "StevieSpin" Lunny is a NYC-based digital media designer originally from Montreal. When not working on interactive media and motion graphics at his day job, Steve is designing mobile apps and games by night for his startup StevieSpin Digital Media.



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  1. Ty

    Great post Steve!

    Funny.. I remember using one of the first Apple computers… no one in my school understood how the OS worked then.. I have very happy memories of the First OSX, too.


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