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July 13, 2011

So, what is Google+? A PSA from your Technigay

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Written by: Ty
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So you have probably already heard the news, and you want to be invited to Google+ (see how at the bottom! we have invites!). Even if you haven’t heard the buzz on the interwebz, there’s a new sheriff in town goin by the name Google+. It would only seem natural for Google to finally release a product to compete with Facebook and other social media sites after its numerous failed attempts (wave, buzz). So let’s get started.


So, what is Google+?

Basically, Google+ is supposed to be a combination of the Google services we already use like Gmail, Chat, Picasa, etc.


Google+ Circles

Google+ Circles allow you to group your friends together by categories such as, friends, family i like, family i don’t like, school, friends, homogays, etc.

From within the circle page, you can drag your friends’ contact cards into a circle. These circles allows you to quickly share things with certain friends while keeping others out-of-the-loop.



Google+ Sparks

Sparks will bring you contacts based on your interests. Similar to Google Reader, each ‘spark’ will get it’s own page and all related info on the web will be available for you to see.

Sparks delivers a feed of highly contagious content from across the Internet. On any topic you want, in over 40 languages. Simply add your interests, and you’ll always have something to watch, read and share—with just the right circle of friends. Source: Google Blog




Google+ Hangouts

Hangouts are similar to other online chat rooms but these are separated by your circles. It’s basic video chat.



How do you get Google +?

Google+ is invite only right now but you can visit the Google+ homepage to request an account.

Eventually anyone with a Google account will be able to join. Ask your friends though.. some luckly Google+ members can invite you to join.

Actually.. the first 10 people to comment on this post with their email address will be INVITED by US! If you don’t make the first ten, maybe some of the lucky invitees will pass on an invite.

What do YOU think of Google+? Let us know in the comments section.




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  1. So, the thing is, it IS cool. But there is not MUCH I can’t already do on Facebook. I already have everyone organized into lists so i control which circles/lists see what. And the feed kinda seems the same, and Facebook is getting video chat now too, so….. And also what is +1 – is that “liking”??

  2. Marko

    Google is awesome. Yet another thing that will sap away my daily productivity.

  3. Charles

    Looks like it could take off. Learns from other social media and makes it seem a little more organized with the categorizing. Looking forward to trying it.

  4. Ty

    Ur right.. there’s a lot of the same kinds of things. I like their ‘circles’ options though.. much easier than with Facebook.

    Yup, the new web lingo.. “I just +1’ed it!”

  5. Adan

    I’d like to get invited and get to know the tool, this will be a competition on adding users. It makes sense to have one supplier for online needs, but will have to see if users migrate to Google’s platform.

    Send me the invite!

  6. Kelley

    Liking the experience on Google+ so far. Sparks is my favourite feature; I love finding new websites that I didn’t know before. The only drawback is that most of the people that I communicate with via Facebook probably won’t make the switch :( We shall see, perhaps it will change!

    Thanks for singing its praises, Ty!

  7. Kira

    I’d like to be invited, please! I’m especially grateful for this guide, since figuring out a new social network is always a pain… I do wonder whether or not it will actually stand up to Facebook, though.

  8. Rosel

    So far, my impression is that Google+ is more similar to Twitter than to Facebook. I like the cleaner layout and the “circles” option so far, but for me, more people would have to join for it to be a “funner” social media tool, I think…

  9. Ty

    Any invites left?

  10. pierreb

    I’ve been on since week one and LOVE it. Privacy and control are the main reasons, but also because of the minimal, clean, quiet feel of the whole experience. I use it for a more intimate social and professional network.

    Facebook will always be that dirty bar down the road with drinking buddies 24/7, but G+ is an elegant lounge filled with my brightest and closest allies from around the globe. It raises the bar…no pun intended :-)

    The only problem now is flipping tabs back and forth between the 2 – LOL.

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